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Endemol Games Casino

Endemol Games is a subsidiary of the world famous Endemol production company, who is most famous for having created TV programs such as Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, WipeOut and The Money Drop. Endemol games was created to provide the popular TV shows as a gaming experience for players, where they would also be able to win money just like the contestants on television.

Endemol Games primarily targets their games to the markets who actually have the shows on their TV, but some of their games are enjoyed by everybody despite many players haven't seen the TV program that they have decided to expand it to all territories. The strategy to target markets where the shows air is a good idea as it is easier for brand recognition, but limits the partners they can have a bit as they will not be able to sign big international partners and drive revenue towards those games. However Endemol Games are very popular and their games are some of the most famous in the world due to the exposure from TV.

Endemol Software

Endemol's software is quite unique compared to many other casino providers, as they are basing the games on the television series universe, trying to create the same feeling when players play their games. All games have great graphics, well known sounds either from regular casino slots or sounds that were used in the TV shows they based the game on and all animations in game runs great and are very smooth. Many of the games have video clips of the shows they are copying, famous contestants from the shows and much more, to provide you with the feeling of being part of the program. With regular updates done to the games, new characters are added on a regular basis as well as brand new games.

The games are very easy to learn how to play, with the rules explained in every single game as well as the paytables. Most players will already have an idea about how it works when they begin to play, as they have seen the TV show, but if they haven't the rules are displayed in-game. The games are designed to fit to different countries, having multiple different versions of the popular Big Brother slot, where players can choose which language they want it in. This allows players to play some of the games in their native tongue instead of in English.

Endemol's casino games can all be enjoyed without having to download any program or similar, but simply by playing directly in your browser via flash. This means that no matter what operational system you are sitting on you will be able to play, simply go to the casino in your browser and the game will open in a pop-up window and begin. Endemol also offers games on mobile devices, but instead of being casino games they have made an agreement with EA to create real games instead. With the recent development and increase in mobile/tablet casino, Endemol will most likely also soon launch their games in a mobile version for their players.

Endemol Games

Endemol has a unique market position in the online casino industry, as they have the position to create games after their very popular TV shows. This means that they do not need to focus on creating new types of games, but instead can focus on making the best possible games out of their TV ideas. This fact has made Endemol one of the most popular casino providers, due to their products being of a top notch quality both game wise but also graphics, animations and so on.

Overall Endemol have around 50 different games, many of them are the basically the same but with a focus on a special country or area. The games that focus on special countries are very popular as it caters more to the local community, giving them a sense of patriotism.

Among the most famous and most popular games created by Endemol are Big Brother Slot, Deal or No Deal Roulette, UFC Slot, The Money Drop, Hulkmania Slot, Fear Factor and Catch Phrase Slot. As you can see, you have probably heard about most, if not all of these shows before. Endemol also creates slots and other games that are not based on TV shows, but their main focus is on that.

Most of the slots all have special scatters and bonus games that can provide players with a great extra prize as well as funny side games. There are also several different and unique video sequences in the slots, providing great entertainment while playing. Unfortunately the slots do not have any kind of progressive jackpots, but with the other features and extra games, you are still able to win a good amount of money while playing.