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Ukash is a voucher based payment method, which can be used for online shopping and depositing on gambling sites. Ukash vouchers can be purchased in cash by going to one of the 420,000 outlets selling them, in more than 55 countries worldwide. The voucher provides the customer with a unique 19 digit pin that has to be entered upon purchase or deposits online. Ukash is an ideal way to pay online safely, without having to provide any bank details.

History of Ukash

Ukash was founded in 2005 in the United Kingdom by Smart Voucher Ltd. Ukash is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom as an electronic money business.

Shortly after the opening of the company, Ukash started to expand the business worldwide and created outlets in 55 different countries, making them the biggest eVoucher company in the world.

Ukash has been known to be associated with many scams, due to customers not treating the vouchers the same way as they would with cash. The scams usually happened when people gave away their unique pin to other people over the phone or on non-authorized Ukash sites. To avoid these scams, Ukash created a website with guidelines on how to treat the vouchers and ensure that the vouchers are safe.

Ukash has won several awards over the years, including the "Queen's Award For Enterprise" three years in a row. The award is given to companies that show sustainable growth overseas in recent years.

Ukash and Online Gambling

Ukash is a popular and widely accepted deposit method in online gambling. The popularity comes from its anonymity for the person using it, as they can buy it with cash and not be required to give any personal or bank information at the purchase. Players simply enter the unique 19 digit pin on the voucher purchased and the deposit will be granted instantly to play with. It is also possible to split up each voucher into smaller pieces, to do smaller payments or deposits. This means that if you have a €100 Ukash voucher and want to deposit €25, you simply go to their website and create a smaller value code worth €25 and the remaining €75 will remain on your main voucher.

All the biggest casino companies such as Playtech, Netent, Amaya and Real Time Gaming all accept Ukash as a deposit method, but just as with Paysafecard Ukash cannot be used to withdraw any funds. The big US friendly casino sites also accept Ukash as a deposit method, even if Americans do not have the option to purchase these eVouchers. The reason is that many European players use them and that Americans travelling to a country selling these vouchers can purchase and use them as well.

Ukash is a great and anonymous alternative to using your credit card, e-wallet or doing a bank wire.

US Friendly Casinos and Ukash

All major US friendly casinos accept Ukash as a deposit method, even though Americans cannot purchase Ukash vouchers from USA. The reason for this is that Americans can buy the vouchers if they travel abroad to a country that sells the vouchers and use them to deposit with. Also Europeans use Ukash vouchers as a popular deposit method and the US friendly casino have the option to cater for them.

Real Time Gaming and all of its partners is an example of a US friendly online casino that accepts Ukash deposits.