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Paysafecard is pre-paid card usable for online shopping and gambling. Paysafecards can be bought with cash, without having to provide any personal or bank information and be used to deposit money into gambling sites or pay for products and services online. When the card has been purchased, the user will get a unique pin to be entered upon using it as a payment method. When the money on the card has been fully used, customers simply purchase another card. Paysafecard is currently available in more than 30 countries and over 4,000 merchants online.

History of Paysafecard

Paysafecard was founded in 2000 by Wertkarten AG, based in Vienna Austria. Paysafecard's started out by being sold as eVouchers instead of as a physical card. This meant that customers got their unique pin on a receipt and had to save the receipt to use the money online. By popular demand Paysafecard decided to create actual cards with the unique pins on, in order to make it harder for people to lose the pin as well as to avoid fraud.

In 2006 Paysafecard was awarded EU funding to help expand the product to more countries within Europe. With the help of the funds, Paysafecard was able to expand tremendously throughout Europe and become one of the leading pre-paid services available.

The success of Paysafecard culminated in 2009, when they received the award for being the "Best Pre-paid company outside USA" as well as "Leading pre-paid organization".

In 2013 Paysafecard was bought by Skrill, making Skrill the leading payment service provider in Europe.

Paysafecard and Online Gambling

Paysafecard is a widely accepted deposit method in the online gambling world. With its anonymity for the users purchasing the card, Paysafecard is ideal for players that do not want to involve banks or any others in their online gambling. Paysafecard's automatically deducts the amount of each card used every transaction, so if you deposit €10 and the card has a value of €20, €10 will remain on the card for future use. Paysafecard is free to use for 12 months, after 12 months the card will automatically be deducted €2 each month the balance has not been fully used.

All the major casino software companies such as Microgaming, Netent, Real Time Gaming and Amaya accept Paysafecard as a deposit method. Even the US friendly casino sites accept Paysafecard as a deposit option, even though American players cannot purchase them.

Paysafecard can only be used to do deposits, as it is not possible to "top up" the card. So if players that use Paysafecard to deposit want to withdraw, they have to use one of the options available on the site for that.

Paysafecard's is a great payment method to be used for online gambling, with the funds being instantly in your account.

US Friendly Casinos and Paysafecard

All major US friendly casinos accept Paysafecard as a deposit option, despite the fact Americans cannot purchase the cards, unless they are in a country that sells Paysafecards. If they are in a country that sells Paysafecards, they can buy them and use them online to deposit in US friendly casino sites. Americans used to be able to purchase Paysafecards online by using a VPN, but Paysafecard decided to annul these purchases.

With the legislation in New Jersey and already ready, as well as other states coming soon, Paysafecard's may be opened up to be used for Americans.