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Linux Casinos

Even though Linux is a substitute OS to Windows, the number of Linux users remains small. This explains why Linux users have felt to be excluded from the online casino activity. However, as Linux is an open source software, this has been changing in the last years and many online casinos using this OS have joined the online market. Now these selective users, including Ubuntu users, can enjoy their favourite casino games through three different channels.

Over the past ten years, Linux has become a favourite OS among PC users due to its capacity and reputation for providing a wide number of games supported by a stable gaming platform. Casinos can be easily approached using Linux browsers but, there are still some casinos that can be accessed immediately on a Linux system. If you happen to have a Windows imitation program such as Wine, you can still operate the downloadable version.

Any Linux user since 2004, should be familiar with Ubuntu OS. Its 12 million users makes it the most widespread of Linux operating systems and represents half of the Linux market. In spite of its easy to use features and its successful results, this OS has been ignored by many online casino developers due to concerns regarding its compatibility with standard casino downloads including Linux users.

Play using a Linux browser

No download casinos, as the title suggests, offers you the chance of playing the casino game of your choice without the need of a download. This is certainly one of the easiest methods for playing using Linux OS and it's an option for anyone not using Windows OS to connect with the casino supplier through web browsers. Ubuntu users on the other hand, will need a browser that enables Flash graphics and animations to run the games smoothly.

This options also implies that no installations of any kind are needed for the exception of Adobe Flash Player, which is easily found on the Adobe site. This installation is usually very fast and simple to do and if you are using a 64-bit Ubuntu, a walk-through is available on the Internet. Once the Flash application is installed, an unlimited number of play casinos will be available, including table games and slots games.

Definitely the biggest advantage of the instant play option is that downloading files into your computer's hard drive is not essential but you can still play instantly as long as there's an Internet connection. Logging in is also very convenient: just select your game from the game menu and you are ready to go.

Play using a Windows emulator

By running the Windows.exe files, any Linux user can experience the same advantages as any Windows user will get. They'll first need to download Wine (a Windows emulator) which is an open source program. Once downloaded, Wine will allow any Windows application to be operated on Linux by converting API immediately. Any casino software designed for Windows, will be able to run directly with a secure and fast performance.

In order to download Wine, you'll need to find out which software package works better for your Linux version. In the Wine official website, you'll find all the necessary tips for this process. While you are at it, make sure to install TrueType core fonts and Windows system programs. The casino software should start running once the emulator has been installed regardless the Linux or Ubuntu version you use. Once the installation process has begun, the last step will involve rebooting Wine through the "wineboot" control.  

Technical issues or connection problems might be encountered but it's just a matter of adjusting the settings to get the casino programs running efficiently. With that in mind, any Linux user can now enjoy from their downloaded casino software.

Last but not least, a Linux user can access an online casino through a dual boot system. Once you have installed Windows onto your Linux computer, leave both OS to operate at the same time. This gives you the chance to run two OS when your computer is switched on, getting the best of both worlds: the casino software will operate through Windows and you can continue to work normally through Linux.

However, operating two OS will take a lot of space in your hard drive, not to mention the risk involved in splitting the hard drive (file loss). Make sure you understand what the Linux dual boot process involves before you go for this option.