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Flash Casinos

Although its common to believe that Flash and Java casinos are the same, these two platforms provide different services from one another and run using different technologies. The one common thing however, is their capacity to run casino games on the browser without the need of a download.

As Flash is cheaper to produce when compared to Java, it remains as the most common program used. For this reason, you'll notice that no download casinos refer themselves as Flash casinos. Yes, developing Java might be more expensive than Flash but they are certainly more attractive, more practical and more powerful.

Flash Online Casinos

No-download casinos operate simply by running on any of the most common browsers such as Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla. They can be either Java-based or Flash-based. Although many online casinos are adaptable with Flash, which provide attractive graphics and details, iOS mobile devices do not support the program and lately Android devices have been doing the same.

If you are one of those not to keen in downloading casino software or your computer runs slower than usual, then Flash casinos (also known as no-download casinos) are the best option for you.

Almost every casino will provide both versions of its software: the full download version and the Flash version. Flash casinos operate using Flash technology guaranteeing the same casino experience as an online casino player will get, including great audio and video features and top notch graphics.

As this version is browser-based, you can easily play your favourite casino game straight form the casino's website into your computer. Windows, Linux and Mac users are compatible with this version. It's a good way to get to know the casino and learn to play the game without needing to download any heavy files to run them.

Flash games represent one-third of the full download games. While many casinos offer Flash version of their top casino games, other casinos focus on this offering exclusively.

Flash Casino Games

There's a wide range of no-download Flash casino games, almost as many available in the download versions including video poker, slots, real money blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and other special games such as Keno and Scratch Cards. You can enjoy these games in both free play and real money options. Free games include a demo version of the game that gives you a general insight what the game is about, how to play it and practice without putting your money on stake. You can assume by now of course, that you'll be playing against the computer and not against real players.

Real money Flash casinos work differently. First you must create an account and register as a player. You will be given a welcome bonus as a regular standard, then it's all up to you to place your wager and start playing your favourite games.

Why play at Flash Casinos?

In order to start gambling, many casinos will ask you to download their software into your computer before you can start playing their games. This is where playing Flash casinos come in handy and some of its advantages includes the following:

  • Avoiding having to download or install any software in order to play. Even though this process is usually very fast, you never know when you'll be a couple of minutes short.
  • You'll save somewhere between 100MB and 250MB of your computer's memory space by not having to download any software. Instead, use this space for other purposes.
  • Most of the files added to your computer while playing Flash casino games are temporary and can be deleted either way.
  • If you don't happen to like the Flash casino, at least you'll save yourself from having to uninstall any software that might have been needed to run the program.
  • You can go from one casino to another and learn about each one of them without having to download any software. This makes Flash casinos flexible and easy to use.

Flash technology offers you a wide range of exciting features such as attractive designs and graphics, superb sound and a very easy to use interface. For Linux and Mac users, Flash casinos provide a great way to play any casino game without downloading unnecessary software into their computers. Lately, Flash casinos have been working on designing new themes and titles into the game library making it very appealing to use and fun to play with. Their next step is the mobile platform market. It is thought to become an immediate hit because it will provide exciting games all easily accessible. For this reason, every day more casinos work on designing and developing mobile applications for mobile devices based on Flash technology.