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Portomaso Gaming Casino

Portomaso Gaming was founded in 2007 as an exclusive live dealer online casino platform, from the Portomaso Casino in the small Mediterranean island of Malta. Later on they included yet another of their brick and mortar casinos to the live streams, the Oracle casino in St Paul's Bay in Malta. Today Portomaso Gaming offers players live streamed games from two different casinos, animated table games and unique slots. The diversity of the product has helped them grow beyond many competitors who simply went for the live dealer product only.

Should you ever visit Malta, you can visit both of the casinos and experience the live streams yourself, as the tables are mixed in with the regular tables on the casino floor, making it possible for players both online and in person to play at the same table.

Portomaso Gaming Software

Portomaso Gaming's software is all developed in partnership with Wirex S.R.L, an italian software development company specializing in online gaming. Since most of their games are live streams of dealers, the software is quite simple in most games, but in recent times Portomaso Gaming has created their own slots which has quite a high level of graphics and game play.

The software that is put on top of the live dealer tables is the classical casino look depending on the game. The software will show all actions happening and will allow players to virtually bet on the live games, so that they can win. A window with a live stream of the casino and the dealer are in the middle of the game, showing either the dealer or the action as it unfolds. This means that if you are playing roulette, it will either show the dealer or the wheel it's your choice. The dealer will announce all actions happening and you can even chat with them via the chat box.

The slots from Portomaso Gaming are their own unique designed slots, usually with a theme that lies close to them. Their latest and very popular slot is the Venice Slot, which is build on the city of Venice. It includes lots of great scary things from the city, thrilling sounds and great animations. The few slots that Portomaso Gaming has developed themselves are very well made and is definitely worth a try. They also come with all the features that you might need such as coins per line, lines, auto spin, max bet and paytables.

The animated table games from Portomaso Gaming are designed to look like the ones you play when you are playing with a live dealer. The tables look exactly like it does in the casino, even with the placement compared to other games and the bar. The games works just like any other animated table game with virtual bets, virtual action and a dealer announcing everything.

All of the games from Portomaso Gaming can be played directly in your browser and can't be downloaded as a program. This means that all players are able to enjoy the casino games without having to download any program, simply by opening their browser. The games requires flash to play and will pop up in a window in the middle of the screen when opened. Portomaso Gaming offers a feature called Expose, which allows players to put up to four different games in the screen at the same time, tiling them perfectly. This makes it easier for players that wants to play different games at the same time to do so or just to monitor and watch the games. All games can be tried for free in demo mode when you play in Portomaso Gaming. With this features it makes it possible for players to learn the rules of all the games as well as find the most funny and reward able games before spending any real money on them.

Portomaso Gaming Games

Portomaso Gaming offers players the chance to play the most popular casino table games live from one of their two casinos as well as providing online slots. The selection of games is not very high, but it covers what most casino visitors would usually play while being in a casino. Portomaso Gaming releases new games on a regular basis and adds more and more tables to their live dealer games, ensuring that everybody can always play.

The live dealer games offers the most popular table games you can find in a casino, in many different stake levels depending on what the players like to play. The games offered in the live dealer tables are Blackjack, Punto Banco and Roulette. The selection is not the biggest out there, but the feeling and thrill it provides compared to playing animated table games cannot be compared.

The slots offered by Portomaso Gaming all come with multiple reels and paylines, and many of them also have scatters and bonus games. Even though the selection is quite limited, the games are still quite good and popular. The most popular slots includes Baker Street Adventures, Crazy Motors, Fruit Shop, Burlesque and Careless Zombies.

The animated table games offers the same variants as the live dealer games, with Roulette, Punto Banco and Blackjack being the available games. You can choose the stake levels that you want to play, before entering the table.

Fairness and Security

Since many of the games offered by Portomaso Gaming is live dealer games, they will have to take the same security measures as when you play in the casino to make sure that everything is fair. The dealers will change in certain shifts, the cards will be changed regularly and all the cameras monitors that the cards aren't marked or similar. For the games that are not live streamed, but animated instead, Portomaso Gaming uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide the outcome of the game. The RNG uses a algorithm to find a random number, which when triggered it will send back to the game and tell the game what prize the player should get. The RNG is checked and certificated by the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA), meaning that it is working as it should and that all games are fair.