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Windows Phone Mobile Betting

Windows Phone's operational system has been around for many years, but has not become popular among regular people until recently, when Nokia and Microsoft made a partnership agreement. It used to be something that business men used to have a mobile computer with them when they went to meetings and similar events, but today it has been developed into being a user friendly operational system that everyone can use the same way they use Android and iOS. They have their own app store just like the other major smartphone operational systems, however it is far from the size of those.

Windows Phone mobile betting platforms are available from bookies who offers a web based mobile betting platform, where you have to go to their mobile site to bet from your mobile device. This is just as good as through an application, but does take a little longer than through an application. We might see applications being developed for Windows Phone in the future, but as it looks right now this is the only way to bet from your Windows Phone device.

Windows Phone Compatible Mobile Betting Platforms

The first mobile betting platforms that were developed was not intended to work on Windows Phone's as it was not worth the investment contra the amount of players the bookmaker could expect to use the platform. This has changed now and you see more and more mobile betting platforms being developed to also work on Windows Phone, as it has become an increasingly popular operational system. Betting through the mobile platform is very simply and since almost all Windows Phone devices are touch screen, it is simple to develop a system that works ideally with it.

You can find out if a bookmaker has a Windows Phone compatible mobile platform available by looking in our review section, where we have listed the bookmakers that offers it. Another way to find bookmakers that offers it is by going to the website of the bookers you are interested in betting with and look at what mobile devices they support for their mobile betting platform. 

Windows Phone Mobile Betting Platform Features

Since the mobile betting platforms that are compatible with Windows Phone are browser based platforms, you will have access to all the features that you need in order to bet properly. This includes your balance, deposit and withdrawals and your transaction history as well as your pending bets. You should also have access to all the different markets, sports and events that they offer odds on along with the different betting options that it is possible to bet on. You can place a bet very simple as you just have to find the event you want to bet on, choose the option you want to bet, choose the amount you want to bet and submit the bet. Once submitted you can check if the bet is active by looking in your pending bets menu, where all the unsettled bets will be shown.

It is very easy and simple to navigate in the mobile betting platform and everything goes at a fast speed so you will not be annoyed by using the platform. It is a great alternative to betting on your computer or in a betting shop.

Bet From Windows Phone or Computer?

It depends on what you prefer, as some people prefer to be in front of their computer and be able to see everything clearly, while others simply want to be able to place their bets fast. If you are at home it is easiest to bet from your computer when you are in front of it anyway, while it is a good choice to bet from your phone or tablet when you are outside your house.