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Streak Calculator

What is a Streak Calculator?

A streak calculator is a online tool for betters, which can help them determine what the odds of having a losing streak of a certain length over a certain amount of series is. The calculator can be used to determine whether or not you were unlucky be going on a losing stream  or how likely it is for you to hit a losing streak, depending on the streak probability.

The tool is useful for betters who wants to determine if they are having a bad run or if it is perfectly normal to experience with the games that they bet on or to see how big your chances of hitting a losing streak is before you start to gamble. 

How Do I Use It?

It's quite simple to use the streak calculator as you only have to fill in a few data and you will get your result. The data that you have to fill in is the following:

  • Series Length - This is how many games you have betted on totally, i.e. the complete length you want to measure your streak against
  • Streak Length - How many losing bets you had in a row
  • Loss probability - Enter the average probability of you losing the matches you betted on

Once these data has been entered, you simply click the calculate button and wait for the result to load. Once done loading you will be able to see the streak probability that has been fully calculated for you. This number shows you exactly what the odds of you hitting the losing streak you entered over the series length, if the loss probability is correct.