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Score at Anytime Betting

What is Score at Anytime Betting?

Score at anytime betting is as the name suggest a bet where you bet on a player will score a goal at any time in the game. It doesn't matter if he scores the first goal, last goal or whatever goal he scores, the bet is only about the fact that the player has to score at one point or another in the match. This makes it a lot easier to predict for betters as there are players that will score in almost all games on average, making it easier to bet this sort of bet instead of first or last goal scorer.

However since it is easier to predict, the odds that you are given on your investment is also equally lower. This makes the bet less attractive in terms of scoring a large amount of money at once, but makes it a good way of betting long term, ensuring a good profit.

How Do I Bet on Score at Anytime?

It is very simple to bet on score at anytime, as you just have to choose the match you want to make the bet on, choose the score at anytime betting option and choose the player you want to make the bet on. The more goals a player has scored in the season on in the past years, the lower the odds will be but your chances are also equally higher. If the player you want to bet on is not presented on the odds page, then you can contact the bookie and hear if they want to offer you odds on that player and place the bet with them if they want to.

Once your bet has been placed, it is time to watch the game and see if you made the right prediction. If your player scores at any point of the game, you will win and if not then you'll lose. 

What is the Advantage of Betting on Score at Anytime?

The advantage of betting on a player to score at anytime instead of as a first or last goal scorer is the fact that the chance of them scoring in the game at any point, compared to first or last is much higher. This makes this an easier bet to predict and will have lower variance in the long run for good predictors.