History and Information

Sharkscope was founded in 2005 as a online tracking site for tournaments and sit ‘n’ goes, making it possible for players to check their own and opponents tournament and sit ‘n’ go results. Sharkscope allows players to search for nicknames over a broad variety of poker sites and networks and see their tournament results, return of investment and much more. Sharkscope provides vital information about other players, especially in the sit ‘n’ go format making it easy to see if you are playing a shark or a fish.

Sharkscope is the leading tracking site for online sit ‘n’ goes and tournaments, showing stats of players all the way back to 2006, if the player has played that long with the same nickname. Sharkscope offers tracking of all the most popular and biggest sites and networks, with more than 10 online sites and networks as well as tracking of live poker events. They even track ring fenced networks, such as the Italian and Spanish poker networks. The sites and networks currently covered by Sharkscope are: Bodog, Dollaro, Full Tilt Poker, Boss Media, Ipoker (.com, .fr, .it and .es), Merge, Microgaming (MPN), Ongame (.com, .fr and .it), Party Poker (.com, .it, es), PKR, Revolution Network, Sky Poker, SvenskaSpel, Winamax, Peoples Poker, Gioco Online, PokerClub and Pokerstars (.com, .fr, .es and .it)

The opportunity to track games on all these networks has made Sharkscope extremely popular to use for players, but has also ended in some sites forcing Sharkscope to stop tracking them.

In 2012 Pokerstars forced all tracking sites to stop tracking their games and players, to protect players and not out the losing players. Pokerstars and Sharkscope made a compromise where Sharkscope can track the games but not show any losses or similar of any players, unless the player voluntarily decides to opt-in and have their stats shown publically.

In 2013 888 Poker also forced Sharkscope to stop tracking any of their players or games, to protect their players from professionals hunting them down. 888 Poker didn’t want to do any kind of compromise with a opt-in feature like Pokerstars accepted.

How Does It Work?

Sharkscope allows players to look up other players and see their general tournament and sit ‘n’ go stats, giving away five free searches every day. If players need more than five searches a day, it is possible to subscribe to different search packages providing them with the amount of searches they need.

So to look up the player you want to find you will have to have his username and know the site or network he is playing on. Once you know this, you simply go to the search box and enter nickname and site and if he has played a tournament or sit ‘n’ go before, he will show in the search results.

You will then be able to see a lot of different information, some of the most important info’s are:

  • Profit History – shows a small table with general profit or losses
  • Count – shows the total amount of tournaments and sit ‘n’ goes tracked
  • Average Profit – Shows the average profit for the player selected
  • Average Stake – Shows the average stakes the player has been playing
  • Average ROI – Shows the players average return of investment
  • Profit – Shows the players total profit or losses
  • Ability – Shows the players ability to play the games he plays
  • Form – Shows the result of the last seven tournaments / sit ‘n’ goes played

Besides these stats, others are available such as finish positions, results by stake and many more. Most of these features either cost a search to see or you a subscription to Sharkscope to use them. It is also possible to adjust the currency to the one that suits you the most, with the most popular used ones available.

With all of these statistics available you will have a good overview over what type of opponent you are up against while playing, giving you the chance to create a game plan to exploit his weaknesses. It will also make it possible to do easier note taking on opponents while playing, so you don’t need to use searches on them in the future.

Other Sharkscop Features

Besides helping players look up their opponents, Sharkscope also offers many other different features such as:

SharkScopers: Sharkscope has their own community called SharkScopers, which offers players news, training videos and a online forum. The forum is mainly used to discuss Sharkscope, but has a little bit of everything.

Tournament Selector: Sharkscope can also help you choose a tournament you want to play, by using their tournament selector option. In the tournament selector you simply choose the amount of entrants you want as a maximum, the stake, guaranteed prize pool amount and Sharkscope finds the tournaments that are within these values. This is a very helpful tool if you don’t want to open multiple poker lobbies to find a tournament that suits your mood.

Find a Tournament: The find a tournament menu helps you find the result of a already finished tournament by entering the ID of the tournament. Sharkscope will then search its database and show you the result.

SharkScope HUD: Customers subscribing to the Sharkscope Gold package gets the Sharkscope HUD for free, to be used while playing tournaments or sit ‘n’ goes. The Sharkscope HUD provides vital information about the players you are playing against such as their profit history, ROI and stake levels.

Leaderboards: Like most other tracking sites, Sharkscope also have their own leaderboards. The leaderboards are divided into different categories such as profit, most played, Best 500 streak average profit and best 100 streak average profits. All of the different categories can be filtered to show the exact year you want, showing the best of each year in each category.

Sit ‘n’ go Guide: Sharkscope offers players the chance to learn more about how to play sit ‘n’ goes via their sit ‘n’ go guide. The sit ‘n’ go guide is made in collaboration with Mark “PimpinDonks” Schmid, a sit ‘n’ go specialist, who has won a lot of money playing. Players have access to a variety of free videos, but have to subscribe to have access to everything.