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Magic Holdem

History of Magic Holdem

Magic Holdem was founded in 2009 by a group of poker players and software programmers, with a goal to help poker players becoming better at the game. Magic Holdem wanted to help players make the optimal decisions, by having a poker calculator next to the tables indicating what the correct move in the situation should be. They also integrated a Heads Up Displauy (HUD) to make it able for players to have the most important stats on their opponents, to see if they are very tight, normal or aggressive in their playing style. With these features, players get an edge over their opponents and can begin to become better poker players.

Magic Holdem has made an agreement with famous poker player Tony G about him promoting the product, making it very popular from the beginning. Players liked that they had both the HUD known from PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager and a poker calculator, which can help them in all phases of poker. Unfortunately the statistic tools in Magic Holdem is not as good as in PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager, making Magic Holdem more a beginners tool than something the professionals would use.

Magic Holdem regularly releases new updates with support for new poker rooms, bug fixes, new features and so on. This is to keep up with the fast online poker industry, which constantly changes and demands something new.

How Does It Work?

To start using a tool like Magic Holdem the first thing you have to do is go to their website and begin the download of the program. While you are downloading the program, you have to purchase the license that you want to have. The license comes with one month to two years subscription, so choose the one you need. Once you have purchased the license, begin to install the program and follow the steps. Once the program has been fully installed, you will have to enter the key you received by email when you purchased a license.

Once you have entered the license key, you will be taken to the full program where there will be some settings you have to set up. First you have to choose which poker rooms of the supported rooms you play on, to make the program able to detect tables and provide the calculator and HUD for each table. Magic Holdem usually finds the hand history folder itself, but in case it cannot find it you will have to find it manually the first time.

After this you are all set up and ready to go, all you have to do is when you open your poker client, start Magic Holdem, click the poker site icon inside the program and the HUD and calculator will appear at each table.

How Can It Help Me?

Magic Holdem can help any beginner poker players to improve their game and give them a better understanding of dynamics, hand-ranges and pot odds. It will also remove leaks that you may have in your game, by suggesting another way of playing hands than you would usually do.

Magic Holdem offers many different features to help players improve their game and remove their leaks, some of the most important features are:

  • In deep analysis of your poker play
  • Playing tips and weak spot analysis to help you get rid of the bad habits
  • Poker odds calculator to calculate the equity of each hand and optimize your hand range
  • Heads Up Display to show the most important stats on your opponents
  • Hand Strength box with added commentary and suggestions on how to play the current hand
  • Outs box, showing the remaining outs to improve your hand
  • Advanced stats on opponents while playing
  • Bankroll Manager, notifying you each time you sit at a table too high for your bankroll

With all of these tools you'll have everything you need to begin improving your game and start to crush online poker.

Am I Allowed To Use Magic Holdem?

Magic Holdem is not a program to help you cheat in any way and cannot make you win a fortune alone. Magic Holdem is a poker tool to help players improve their game and doesn't provide any information besides statistics about opponents and games and provides mathematical help. Because of this, it is fully legal and is allowed on all the poker sites and networks that it supports.

Magic Holdem works and is allowed on the following poker sites and networks: 888 Poker, Party Poker, Pokerstars and Ipoker network.

Can I Try It Before I Buy It?

Like many other poker tools, Magic Holdem offers customers a free trial period to test out the product and see if its anything for them. Magic Holdem offers a 200 poker hands trial for all new customers and after that they will ask you to purchase a license or stop using the program. The 200 hands free trial is enough to learn the basics of the program and see what it can help you with and you will know after the free trial period of the software is something for you or not.