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Poker Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are one of the oldest and most popular poker promotions that still exist today. They became popular right from the birth of online poker and provided players with extra money to play with, increasing the player traffic significantly.

They provide players with a significant amount of value and is one of the most important keys to the constant movement of new players coming to poker sites. Today the poker deposit bonuses provides great value to all players and creates action, as poker bonuses are not instantly credited to player accounts but has to be wagered before.

There are two different types of poker deposit bonuses, first deposit bonus and reload bonus. The difference between the two is that a first deposit bonus is always on the very first deposit you make on a site, while reload bonuses are when you decide to deposit more than once on a site. Both provides the players with value and both should always be looked for when you want to choose a site.

First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus is a bonus that is available for new players when they want to make their first deposit. The first deposit bonus is commonly a good value bonus, made to attract new players to the site and increase the overall liquidity. It is important for you as a player to check if you will be receiving any first deposit bonus on your first deposit, so you don't miss out on any sort of value.

First deposit bonuses goes from 25-200% extra up to $500-$5,000, all depending on the site that you are playing on and what they want to offer. First deposit bonuses can either be paid in full by reaching a specific rake target or be paid out in increments for every time you rake a certain amount. First Deposit Bonuses can't be instantly provided to players, simply because you are playing against other players and not the house. This means that if a site gave you free money to play with, they would overall probably lose a small fortune on the promotion. 

Where to Get a First Deposit Bonus?

You can find first deposit bonuses at all the biggest poker sites and networks. The easiest thing to do is to have a look in our Poker Review Section and see what our partner sites can offer you as a new player. We only provide you with the safest and most reliable poker rooms, so you can feel completely safe when choosing our partners.

Another way of getting a first deposit bonus is by having a look at the poker sites you find interesting and look in their promotions section if they offer any sort of first deposit bonus. 

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a bonus that you receive on all deposits that you have made after the very first deposit. Reload bonuses are much more rare than first deposit bonuses and is made as a loyalty reward to players continuing to play on a specific poker site. Sites offering reload bonuses are well aware of the fact that they should reward loyal players and it shows that a site is willing pay for you being happy with their room.

Reload bonuses ranges from 10-200% in value and commonly doesn't go up over $600. Reload bonuses are not meant to be high value bonuses, but rather just an addition to the already existing VIP system in place. Always check if the bonus is paid in increments or with the full amount all at once.

Where to Get a Reload Bonus?

You can find reload in many of the bigger and smaller poker sites and network. You can go to our Poker Review Section and check out our partner programs and see which sites offers you a reload bonus that you can take advantage of.

You can also choose to surf around the different poker sites and check if they offer them or not, but we cannot guarantee for any value or legitimacy of sites that are not promoted by us.

Rules of Deposit Bonuses

When you have registered yourself with a new poker site and want to make your first deposit and take advantage of the bonus, there are several things you should be aware off before taking the bonus. Let's have a look at what you should look for before accepting a bonus:

Wagering Requirements (Value):Wagering requirements is one of the most important things to look for in any bonus, simply because it shows you the exact value of the bonus. If you receive a $100 bonus and need to rake $500 to get all the money, then the bonus value is 20%.

Time Limit: Always check how much time you have to release either a portion of the bonus or the entire bonus. If the time limit is too small for you to be able to reach any first deposit bonus targets, then we suggest you to find another bonus.

Payout Rules: Next thing to look for is the payout rules of the bonus. Do you need to wager the entire amount before receiving any money or will it be paid in increments.

Bonus Percentage: The bonus percentage is the multiplier for the amount you deposit and is important to look at, as you might be able to get an even higher value on the bonus than other places.

Maximum Bonus Amount: The maximum bonus amount shows you the maximum amount of bonus money that you can receive from a bonus.

Excluded Countries: Always look if the bonus is excluded from any countries, to make sure that you are not depositing to get a bonus that is not available for you.