Hold’em Manager (HEM)

Hold’em Manager’s History

Hold’em Manager 1 was released in 2007 as a poker analytics tool. The creators of Hold’em Manager, Roy and Mike, wanted to create the most powerful and in-depth poker software tool on the market and began to develop Hold’em Manager.

The idea was to create a tool that would provide players with a Heads Up Display (HUD), reports of profit/losses, hand replaying tool and expected value reports.

Hold’em Manager quickly became the most popular poker analytics tool with a smooth graphical interface, an easy customizable HUD and fast reports. Players simply loved this new tool and started to examine how to optimize their game, find leaks and exploit their opponents.

The release of Hold’em Manager forever changed how we play online poker.

Being the most popular poker analytics software, Hold’em manager worked hard on improving the product and adding new poker sites and networks regularly, but keeping up with poker sites changes and the new technology made it difficult for Hold’em Manager to continue with their original product. So in the end of 2011 the team behind Hold’em Manager released Hold’em Manager 2.

Hold’em Manager 2 was a new and improved version of their original product and had a lot of new features, a smoother interface and better overall performance. Hold’em Manager 2 is the latest version of the poker analytics tool.

How Does It Work?

To get started with Hold’em Manager, you have to download the software from Hold’em Managers website and purchase the license you wish to obtain. They offer the Pro Version which covers all games and all stakes or the Small Stakes Version that only covers games up to $22 buy-in for tournaments and sit ‘n’ goes and $0,5/$1 in cash games.

Once downloaded and purchased you will be asked to install the program. If it’s your first time using Hold’em Manager the program will create a new database to save all future hands, reports and settings.

If you already have used Hold’em Manager 1 or Pokertracker before, you can import their databases in to Hold’em Manager 2’s database. This will provide you with all the stats and reports you already obtained in the past, but will optimize it for HEM2.

Once installed Hold’em Manager will do an automatic search for hand histories already saved in your computer. The automatic search is a great tool, so you don’t have to search through every single folder in your computer to find hand histories for your accounts. While Hold’em Manager is searching for hand histories, you can create your online poker nicknames for all the sites you are playing on. Doing so will sort the hand histories out on each unique nickname and will give you specific stats for each account.

When Hold’em Manager has found the hand histories you can set the program to auto-import all future hands played. By doing so, you can create your own HUD to be showed on the table and give you live stats about your opponents. The HUD can be customized to show exactly the stats you want to know about your opponents. When the HUD has been successfully set up all you have to do is to open HEM2 every time you are playing poker and the HUD will automatically appear on all your tables.

How Can It Help Me?

Hold’em Manager can help all online poker players improve their game. It will find all your leaks and bad habits and help you removing them. All serious poker players in the world use Hold’em Manager or a similar tool to improve their game and become more successful.

Hold’em Manager offers different features to help you improve your game. Among the features are:

  • Customizable Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Cash Reports with analyses of your game
  • Hand Replayer With Stats
  • Note Function with hand replay of the hands that made you write the note
  • Tournament Reports
  • Heat Maps to simplify your information and reports
  • Multiple Graphs showing All-in EV (Expected Value), Rakeback and Win rate
  • In-depth Player Analysis with all the filter options you can imagine

Using these features will help you improve your poker skill and help you crush online poker.

Hold’em Manager also offers a wide variety of Apps or extensions for the program. The Apps are designed to help players with issues that Hold’em Manager cannot handle.

Among the available Apps you can find:

  • Leak Buster – Find your leaks through extensive analysis of your hands and helps you remove them
  • SITNGO Wizard – Optimize your Sit ‘n’ Go endgame with this Sit ‘n’ Go optimized App
  • Note Caddy – Note Caddy writes notes for you based on your hand history
  • Table Ninja II – Helps you multi table easier, with preset bets, automatic time bank clicking and assigning hotkeys
  • Tilt Breaker – Helps you controlling tilt by removing access to unnecessary information, setting stop losses and manage your bankroll

Everything you could ever need to improve your game can be found in Hold’em Manager.

Am I Allowed To Use Hold’em Manager?

Hold’em Manager is allowed on all the poker networks and poker sites it supports. Using Hold’em Manager is not cheating, but just a tool to optimize your poker play and is therefore not banned from any major poker site or network.

Below is a complete list of the poker networks and poker sites Hold’em Manager supports:

Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars, Party Poker, Revolution Network (Former Cake Network), PKR, Ipoker Network, Microgaming Poker Network, Ongame Network, 888 Poker, Boss Media, Merge Network, Winning Poker Network, BarrierePoker and Winamax.


Can I Try It Out?

Yes you can try out Hold’Em Manager 2 for free. Hold’em Manager offers a 30 day free trial and after the trial expires you can choose to purchase the program or uninstall it. You can find the 30 day free trial here (here links to hems website with affiliate link). The free trial is a good tool to find out if you need Hold’em Manager to improve your game and also to learn how to use the program.

Should you experience any issues with Hold’em Manager and be in the need of help, Hold’em Manager’s website has an extensive catalogue of pages to help with any issue. Should you have a problem that you cannot solve by checking the website, you can go to the Hold’em Manager forum and ask the developers for help. They always reply in a timely manner.