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History and Information

TimeMojo was created in the beginning of 2013 as timing tell tool for online poker players. Timing tell tools has never been released as a commercial program before, but TimeMojo created one that works via a Heads Up Display (HUD) for easy integration and navigation. The HUD will show the time spend by the opponent on each hand played, divided into pre-flop and every street. Players are now able to set their opponents into timing categories and see when they break out of their regular rhythms and use that as a tell to optimize their game. For now TimeMojo only works with Pokerstars, but has promised to make it work on many other sites and networks in the future if the demand for it is there.

Being new software on the market, TimeMojo has encountered its share of bugs and missing features, but the team behind TimeMojo works hard to fix these issues and add new features and releases new software versions on a regular basis.

How Does It Work?

To start using TimeMojo you will have to download the program from the website as the first thing. While your download is in process, you will have to purchase a license in order to actually use the program and its features. The license TimeMojo offers is a onetime payable fee for a lifetime license, allowing you to use the tool as long as it works after the payment. When you have purchased the license, you will receive your registration key in the email. When you have downloaded the program, simply install it by following the steps on the screen and when it is done enter your registration key. You will now have access to the full program and can begin setting up the features.

You will have to set different categories for different amount of times, by going to the menu and settings. There you will move your mouse over the square and choose what times you think should be in the same zone and mark them with colors. This will show on the table and tell you what the general time of a player is, combined with the counter and that color for a timing tell.

How Can It Help Me?

TimeMojo is not a tool for the novice player, but rather for the experienced player that wants to add even more statistics to his grinding. The timing tell can provide vital information about if a player is doubting himself or taking a shorter time than usual to make his decision. With the timing tell and other information, you can gain an edge on your opponent as you know even more of their patterns while playing. Timing tell has been used by many professional players for many years, but now they won't have to focus on counting themselves, having TimeMojo to do it for them instead.

TimeMojo offers different features for the players, some of the key features are:

  • Display the time of all actions by your opponents via a HUD
  • Move the HUD to the positions that suits you best
  • Assign color ranges to your opponents times
  • Remove players name from the HUD
  • Change font style and size of the displayed time
  • Mouse over function to show your opponents previous times

Despite not offering a lot of different things, TimeMojo offers what it needs to ensure players can get a good timing tell on their opponent.

Am I Allowed To Use TimeMojo?

TimeMojo is fully accepted by Pokerstars and is on their list of permitted poker tools to be used while playing. TimeMojo doesn't help you cheat in any way and basically just provide you with information regarding your opponent’s times of action, making it fully legal and acceptable in online poker. TimeMojo will only develop the program for sites and networks that will accept the program, so you will not have to worry about anything and just use the program to win some money instead.

Can I Try TimeMojo For Free?

Yes you can try TimeMojo for free, they offer a 30 day free trial period for all new customers and actually recommend their customers to first try out the program and then purchase it. The 30 day trial period can be very useful to get to learn the program, its features and do customized settings for everything before having to pay for it. You will be able to see if it gives you any edge over your opponents and in case it doesn't, you haven't lost any money on it. Go to TimeMojo's website and start your trial today.