OfficialPokerRankings (OPR)

History and Information

OfficialPokerRankings (OPR) was created in 2007 as a online tracking site where players could look up their own and others online tournament results. Basically OPR allows you to search the nicknames of other players across several poker sites and see their tournament results, their profits and much more. This provides vital information on the opponents you are playing, as you will know if they are a new player, losing player, breakeven or losing. At the same time you and others can also look your name up and see your exact stats and get information about you.

OPR is the leading tournament statistics tracking website online and shows statistics all the way back to 2007, should a player have been active that long. OfficialPokerRankings has always focused on tracking results from the biggest online poker tournament sites and only supports four different sites and a poker network. OPR tracks tournament results from the following sites: Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, Carbon Poker and the Ongame Network.

This limits the usage a bit, as there are many other poker sites and networks out there, but OPR has decided to focus on the biggest sites and provide exact stats rather than having many sites and not provide exact stats.

Since 2012, Pokerstars no longer allowed tracking sites to provide information about their players without the player’s acceptance. This means that you have to opt-in to OPR to allow them to show your stats and the same goes for all other Pokerstars players. This means that OPR only shows very few stats for Pokerstars players, not being as useful as the full statistics.

How Does It Work?

OfficialPokerRankings allows everybody to look up players and see their general OPR ranking, but in order to see specific information they have to sign up to the site. Joining OPR is free of charge and allows you to take a in deep look at the available statistics.

To look up a player you have to poker player search, where you enter the desired players nickname and choose the poker site he plays on, to avoid multiple players with the same nickname across several sites appear. Once you have found the player that you wanted to look up, you will be presented with many different information’s and stats. Some of the stats that will be most important for you is:

  • Rating – Shows the rating of each player compared to other players according to OPR’s rating system. Example, if it shows 94.8% it means that the player is better than 94.8% of the other players playing on that site
  • Prizes – Shows the total prizes won for each period
  • Tournaments Played – Shows total amount of tournaments played in the period
  • In The Money (ITM) Percentage – Shows the percentage of how often a player finishes ITM
  • Average Buy-In – Shows the average buy-in for each type of game
  • Average Field Size – shows the average field size for each type of game
  • Net Profit – Shows the net profit for each game played and total
  • Return of Investment (ROI) – Shows the return of the money spend on tournaments
  • MTT Average Finish in Percentage – Shows in which period of the tournament the player is most likely to bust out and has busted out the most.

These statistics will give you a good overview of which type of opponent you are playing and show if it is a regular or hobby player, winning or losing and how well he plays in different stages of the tournament. With this kind of knowledge, you will be able to see if you can exploit any weaknesses in your opponent’s game and provide a bigger chance of winning the tournament for yourself.

You are also able to use one of the colored tabs for even more details about the players, such as monthly summaries, poker stats breakdown, best poker results and all poker results. All of this information’s gives players aware of OPR an edge compared to their not-knowing opponents and is definitely a tool every serious tournament player should use.

OfficialPokerRankings Leaderboard

OfficialPokerRankings have their own leaderboard system, showing OPR rankings, Profit Rankings and Prizes ranking for each site tracked. These categories can then be divided into which period you would like the rankings to cover and with the OPR rankings it’s possible to choose which level of buy-in you want the leaderboard to show.

Once you have decided exactly what you want to find, you can see the top players for each site in each category, with stats and everything. This gives you a unique inside to the best online tournament players in the world.