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PokerTableRatings (PTR)

History and Information

PokerTableRatings was opened in 2008 as an online cash game tracking site, allowing players to look up cash game players on multiple sites. PokerTableRatings offers statistics about earnings, hands played, rake paid, their win rate, how easily they tilt and their bot score. This provides players with a lot of information about their opponents that they can use while playing them, seeing if they are a solid player or fish. PTR is also used to look up the professional players and see their amazing statistics and winnings on a daily basis.

PokerTableRatings only cover a handful of the biggest sites and networks in the world, focusing on providing as exact as possible statistics rather than covering everything and provide limited information. Another reason is also that the demand to search opponents on other networks is not very high, making it a lot of extra work for a small minority of players.

In order for PTR to obtain this information, they data mine hands across the different sites and networks. Data mining means that they have a program that monitors every single table and hand played and grabs the information to turn it into useful information for players to search and use. As an extra feature, PTR also sells these hand histories to players that can import it into PokerTracker or Hold'em Manager for extra knowledge about their opponents. This has made PokerTableRatings the leading cash game tracking site online, with thousands of players looking for statistics of their opponents daily.

Up until 2012 PokerTableRatings also covered the world's biggest poker site Pokerstars, but were forced to stop the tracking. Pokerstars wanted their players to be able to play poker without being hunted down by better players and forced all tracking sites to stop tracking their players, forcing PokerTableRatings to stop tracking the most popular site in the world.

PokerTableRatings now only tracks players from Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, Ipoker Network, Revolution Network, Bodog and Merge Network.

How Does It Work?

PokerTableRatings offers a wide variety of different information about players, top winners, biggest pots, the best countries and top winners. All of the information can be found directly in the site either by searching nicknames or by using the menu. Non registered users get three free searches a day, while registered users get 10 free daily. Players can also subscribe to the Premium packages, giving them either 1,000 or 5,000 searches monthly, for a monthly fee.

Let's start by looking at the information given about players when you search them. When you want to look up a player you are playing, you will be presented with a summary screen showing the most important information such as total earnings, total hands played, rake paid, overall win rate, tilt score and if the player is hot or not. This basic information will quickly give you an idea if the player is a good player or a fish. The summary can be divided into Hold'em or Omaha or both combined. Under the summary you will see a lifetime graph showing how the player is doing over time, with his best and worst day as well as his career peak and low. PTR also provides a graph over profit versus stakes and information about his results by game stakes.

Other statistics available for free are:

  • Analysis of players looseness, aggression and showdowns
  • Biggest pots won and lost and known cards that went to showdown
  • Sessions of the player divided into categories by stakes and game format
  • Which opponents the player has played
  • The players grade, rated after the top 10 winners on the stakes played

With all of these statistics available for free, there is a good chance of getting to know an opponent without having played him before and create a game plan based on the stats. It is also possible to add players as buddies, so you can easily find players of interest.

Players subscribing to the Premium packages will also have access to other statistics, a premium table finder, a heads up display (HUD) and a SMS / Email service that alerts you when the players you added as buddies come online.

Hand History

PokerTableRatings is based on data mining hand histories from the different networks it tracks, to provide all the stats and information possible to their users. With all of these hand histories available to them, they now also sell them to provide players with even more information in real time while playing opponents. The hand histories can be bought and imported directly into programs like PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager and makes it possible for players to have information about players they never played before.

To buy hand histories from PokerTableRatings, you simply have to choose the site you want to buy from, your stakes, your betting structure, game format and table size. After that you will be able to choose the amount of hand histories you want to have and pay. After you have paid for the hands, you will receive a file with all the hand histories in text format for easy import and you are ready to go.

Other PokerTableRatings Features

PokerTableRatings have their own forum for their visitors, where visitors can discuss other players, events, request features and submit bugs. The forum is not very active, but can be useful to find information about different features and bugs in PTR.

Besides the possibility to look up other players, PokerTableRatings also offers leaderboards based on all players tracked in their system. The leaderboards are divided into different categories:

Biggest Poker Pots: The biggest poker pots leaderboard shows the biggest pots played within the last 24 hours, the last week, the last month, the last year and all time. This provides players with information about the biggest pots played within the period chosen and on the sites PTR tracks.

Top Countries: The top countries leaderboard shows the countries with the best players, giving information about the net winnings or losses, how many hands players from the country played and how many players from the country are playing. The top countries category can be filtered to show this week, this month, this year and all time. The top countries category currently only tracks Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker, meaning that only players from these sites are counted in the leaderboard.

Most Popular Players: The most popular players leaderboard shows the most searched players overall, by poker site or by time. This shows which players are the most popular and is often a good indicator of players climbing up the stakes or playing higher stakes out of the blue.

Top Winners: The top winner’s leaderboard shows the biggest winners overall or by the filters set by you. The filters makes it possible to choose which site you want to check, which game, game limit, stakes and period. This is a great tool to use after you railed a higher stakes tables and want to see the result of the match.

Another great feature if you are in the mood to rail some high stakes games is the Live High Stakes menu, which shows the high stakes tables currently active across the different networks. The feature updates in real time, providing information about the site being played on, the table name, stakes, max amount of players, nicknames and stack sizes.