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History and Information

TableDroid was created in 2011 by the company Black Diamond Software Inc. TableDroid was created to help poker players easily play multiple tables of poker using their keyboard for hotkeys, tilting poker tables they wanted to and in the size they wanted to. TableDroid even allows players to use any USB gamepad they want to play, including an Xbox 360 controller.

TableDroid was the first of its kind, claiming instant popularity among poker players that had been wishing for a tool like this for several years. They could now completely control how everything works in the poker clients and optimize the tables to their individual screens. At first only Party Poker was supported, but the team behind TableDroid quickly made it work with many other sites and networks.

TableDroid worked hard to keep up with the constant changes in the poker industry, releasing new product versions several times each month, so the experience for the customers would always be optimal. In recent time, they have optimized it so well that they only have to fix minor issues and add support for new sites. The interface has not changed since the release of the program, since it is very user friendly and easy to understand.

How Does It work?

So to begin using TableDroid to optimize your game, you will have to visit their website and download the program. While you are downloading the program, you have to purchase the lifetime license from the website to be able to use the program. Once purchased, you will receive your unique activation key which you will have to enter once you have installed the program. To install the program, simply follow the steps shown in the installation window.

After the installation and registration of the program has been done successfully you will be able to change the settings of the program to your liking. Simply go to menu and choose either layout settings to choose the settings for your screen or go to hotkey settings to change the hotkeys being used. Once you have set everything as you want, simply press the big enable button and you are ready to go. While the enable button is active, the settings cannot be changed but can be viewed only.

Should you have any problems setting up the different settings or change them, TableDroid has a great FAQ with many useful answers and guides, but also answers questions by contacting their support on the website.

How Can It Help Me?

TableDroid can help all players from the casual hobby player to the professional grinder play with much more ease than they usually would be able to. With its many different settings, you can customize it to work exactly the way you like it and that way improve your concentration while playing. While many think that they are used to how the standard poker software and tiling is, when they try a program like TableDroid they cannot play without using it again.

Some of the main features in TableDroid include:

  • Customizable hotkeys for betting, calling, checking and folding
  • Customizable hotkeys for moving tables in the preset grids
  • Re-tiling tables by size
  • Customizable bet amounts set to either big blinds or by chip / dollar amount
  • Assign your mouse buttons as hotkeys
  • Automatically send numbers typed on keyboard to the table selected
  • Increase or decrease bet amounts by scrolling mouse wheel
  • Create table layout profiles for each of your screens
  • Seamless navigation between tables with the mouse hover mode
  • Automatic monitor detection with location and resolution
  • Use any USB game pad to play with
  • Auto time bank and auto i am back feature

All of these features are included in TableDroid and will help you create your own customized way of playing, making it much easier to play many tables for a long period of time.

Am I Allowed To Use TableDroid?

TableDroid does not give you any unfair edge over your opponent or help you cheat in any way possible, so you can use it without getting into trouble. All the sites it is compatible with have all approved the program and has done a check that it cannot do anything that breaks their rules. All TableDroid does is helping players play poker more easily and the way they want to do it.

TableDroid works on many different sites and networks, including:

Pokerstars, 888 Poker, Party Poker, Revolution Network, Merge Network and Ipoker Network.

Can I Try TableDroid For Free?

TableDroid offers all new customers a free 14 days trial with no requirements of any kind. You can activate the trial when you have installed the program and it will tell you have many days you have left every time you open the program. After the 14 days free trial you will have to purchase a license to continue to use the program for all stakes over $7 in tournaments and $0.05/$0.1 in cash game. If you only play poker on these stakes or even smaller, TableDroid allows you to use the program for free, but for everything above you have to purchase the lifetime license.