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History and Information

HighstakesDB also known as Highstakes database, was founded in 2006 by poker players following the high stakes action and wanted to know who won or lost without having to keep track with a pen and paper. They created the idea of a central website for tracking all high stakes action and provide biographies of the pros, show their winnings or losses, their opponents and biggest pots. 

The site quickly became popular tracking the first high stakes and nosebleed games on Ladbrokes, which later moved on to be played on Full Tilt Poker. When the games moved to Full Tilt and included all the well known professionals such as Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius , HighstakesDB became the most popular high stakes tracking site online, having hundred of thousands of unique visitors daily wanting to know the result of the pros playing against each other or follow the standings while railing them.

HighstakesDB doesn't follow many sites as most sites and networks don't have any high stakes action or have it very rarely. They have decided to only follow Full Tilt, Pokerstars and the Microgaming network (MPN). HighstakesDB has put bots to track all games above a certain limit and save everything directly into their database so they can distribute the numbers. Despite only tracking a few sites and few games, many pros claim that HighstakesDB is not very accurate in terms of winnings or losses.

Unlike other tracking sites that were not allowed to track games at Pokerstars anymore, HighstakesDB has been allowed to continue due to them only focusing on the high stakes games and professionals. This provides good publicity for the sites and doesn't harm the hobby player, which is what Pokerstars want.

How Does It Work?

HighstakesDB provides different information about the highest playing players in the world that are fun to follow and cheer for your favorite player. It doesn't have a purpose of use besides to know how the pros are doing and where they are playing, as most players won't be playing them themselves.

So to start using HighstakesDB you will have to search for the player’s real name or nickname. If the player you are searching is playing high enough to be tracked he will be shown on the site, otherwise he won't. Once you have found the player you will be presented with all the different information available about the player, such as:

  • Biography about the player and his history
  • Brief summary of the player
  • High Stakes Result graph that shows results by time
  • Filter results to include only specific periods
  • Filter results to show profit by game played
  • Latest opponents of the player, including their picture, nickname, real name and winnings
  • Biggest pots of the player covering all variants and as far back as possible
  • Latest news about the player

These features make it possible to find out all the information you want to know about them as well as provide you with a good overview of their total winnings. The tracking is as correct as possible, but can never be trusted 100% as there are always some hands and sessions not being tracked properly.

If you don't know who to search for, HighstakesDB has a category where they show the most popular players, the most winning, Pokerstars players and Full Tilt players. This can help players find a specific player they have been looking for and find new unknown high stakes players to rail.

Another great feature is the live results menu, which shows the biggest winners and losers in real time, active high stakes tables live including site, table name, nicknames and win/loss and big hands. Here you can follow the score of the tables you are railing as well as find tables to rail for some mind-blowing poker.

Other Features

HighstakesDB Forum: HighstakesDB has their own forum where users can discuss everything from high stakes poker to the latest football results. The forum has a lot of activity due to the large amount of visitors HighstakesDB has daily and offers many good reads.

High Stakes Twitter: HighstakesDB shows the most famous poker players and all the high stakes pros latest tweets from the popular social media Twitter. The tweets are fun to follow as many pros have strong opinions about many different subjects as well as tweet prop-bets and do live updates from tournaments they are playing.

Hand Replays: The hand replayer shows all the biggest and most popular hands, exactly the way they were played. One thing is to know that Tom Dwan won a $316,523 pot with 83s, but seeing how everything went on in the hand, with raises, calls and so on is just so much more intriguing. Because of that, the hand replayer is a great tool to use to see how the pros act and think while playing poker.