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History and Information

Playerscope was founded in 2010 as a tracking site for online tournaments and sit 'n' goes. Playerscope is a site run by Poker Pro Labs, who uses the statistics for their poker tool. Playerscope makes it possible to search players across multiple sites and networks and find information about their tournament and sit 'n' go history. This can be helpful to see if the players you are up against are good players or not.

Playerscope is not a very well known site for tracking tournaments and sit 'n' goes, but actually offers the same features as their competitors OfficialPokerRankings and Sharkscope. Playerscope shows statistics all the way back to 2007 if a player has been playing that long on the account and shows stats for more than six different networks or sites. The sites supported by Playerscope are Pokerstars,,, Ipoker, Merge, 888 Poker, Party Poker and

Due to Playerscopes relatively small size, they have yet to be banned from tracking on 888 Poker and Pokerstars as the other bigger sites has been. Playerscope still tracks everything from these sites, but it will only be a matter of time before they will also be forced to stop tracking or enforce a opt-in system for Pokerstars users.

Playerscope is free to use, but accept donations for their hard work of keeping track of everything. You can enjoy free searches and see many different stats and graphs to help your game.

How Does It Work?

Playerscope makes it possible for you to look up the players you are playing against in any tournament or sit 'n' go and see if they are good or not. You don't have to pay to do any searches; all you need to know is the nickname.

So to see the stats of a player, simply enter his nickname in the search bar and when the results come up, choose the one from the site you are playing on. If a player is not showing up it's either because he has never played a tournament or sit 'n' go before, he opted out or the site you are playing on is not supported by Playerscope.

When you have found the player you were looking for you will be able to see some different statistics about him:

  • Overall Rating for all tournaments
  • Buy-in average
  • Finishing position in stages by percentage
  • Monthly rating for the current year
  • Tournament search filter option

These features makes it possible to know some basic information about your opponent and with the Tournament search filter option you can go even more in depth with everything. The filter lets you set the following values:

  • Time Period - Days, Months, Years
  • What kind of game was played
  • Which limit - No limit, pot limit or fixed limit
  • Buy-in size
  • Number of Entrants
  • Which order it's shown in

With these filters you can find exactly what you are looking for in the tournament history of a player, giving you the extra edge.

It's also possible to add different graphs to the player statistics page, by choosing the graphs menu. In the graphs menu you will be able to select the most important graphs that you want integrated directly on the statistics page.

There are 12 different graphs that can be integrated, some of the options are: Profit by game, Profit by date, Profit by hour, Profit by game type, Rank and ROI by entre fee.

When you choose to integrate these graphs, it will automatically show the stats, saving you a lot of time not having to go through history and do calculations yourself.

Playerscope's Other Features

Besides the individual statistics available for free search, Playerscope also offers players some other features.

Most importantly, Playerscope allows players to stop being tracked by the site by requesting to be opted-out. That means that if you do not wish to have your results shown online for whatever reason and you simply fill out your username and they will accept it and remove it. This is great if you don't want opponents to know that you are a shark or a fish.

Playerscope also follows all tournaments on the networks they support, providing a full list of everybody participating and showing the prize money won as well. This is great if you know the name of a tournament that finished a while ago, but cannot find it in the lobby of the poker client anymore. Playerscope will show you exactly how many entries there were, the nicknames with position and prize money.