History of PokerTracker

PokerTracker’s first version was created in 2007 by PokerTracker Software LLC and is an online poker analytics tool, helping players improve their game. PokerTracker wanted to create a easy to use poker tool to analyze patterns, win/loss, hand histories and expected value calculations. To make it easier for players to improve their game while playing and to obtain an edge on the players, PokerTracker has a Heads Up Display (HUD) on the tables, showing the most valuable stats while playing. This provides players with real-time stats of their opponents, making it possible to adjust and exploit them.

Along with Hold’em Manager, PokerTracker quickly became a popular tool for players to use, with a great interface, statistics, reports and customizable HUD. With this tool players started to examine their own game, finding leaks and optimizing their game for constant improvement in the fast moving online poker world. It showed quickly that players using a tracking program gained a significant edge over the players not using any programs and soon poker tracking software had spread to all regular playing poker players.

To keep up with a fast moving poker industry, constantly having new poker networks and sites opening as well as the need for more statistics and reports, PokerTracker have released new versions of their tracking software multiple times. In 2009 PokerTracker released PokerTracker 3, which was build on the original design and interface of PokerTracker, but with support for many new sites and networks as well as new stats, improved reports and a better HUD. PokerTracker continued to update PokerTracker 3for five years, fixing bugs, adding new features and improving the overall usage of the program.

In 2013 PokerTracker released the latest version of their software, PokerTracker 4. Unlike PokerTracker 3, PokerTracker 4 was build from scratch and not just built on top of the former version.

The new version came with a brand new graphical interface, more reports, more HUD settings and improved HUD look. PokerTracker 4 took the tracking software to the next level for players, making it easier than ever to gain an edge on the opponents.

How Does It Work?

In order to start using a poker analytic tool like PokerTracker, the first thing you have to do is to download the software from PokerTracker’s website. Once downloaded, you have to purchase the license to use the program. PokerTracker offers many different licenses, depending on what game you play and what stakes. There is small stakes version for Texas Hold’em or Omaha that allows players to track games up to $0,5/$1 blinds and a full version that can be used on all stakes. It’s also possible to purchase a license for both types of games in a small stakes or full version. Choose the version you need, it is possible to upgrade to a higher version later on. The license is a onetime cost, meaning that once purchased you can use the program forever without having to pay again.

Once you have downloaded the program and purchased a license, you have to enter you license code in the software, to allow you access to use the programs full features.

Next step is to install the software. If you have never used PokerTracker before, you will be asked to create a new database. The database is where all your results, hands etc. will be saved so you will always have it available. If you have used PokerTracker before, you can simply choose the old database and all your old information will be integrated into PokerTracker, but will be optimized to the new version.

Next step is to configure the currency that you want the reports, stats etc. to be shown in. You can choose among the most popular used currencies such a £, $ and €. You will then be asked to choose the poker sites or networks you are playing on that PokerTracker supports. Once you have chosen the sites and networks, PokerTracker will do an automatic scan of existing hand histories to import to the program. PokerTracker will then save everything in your database, to ensure that even if you accidentally delete the hand history folder, you will still have them saved there. Should PokerTracker not be able to find any hand histories for a specific site, you can always browse and find the folder manually and have it auto-import it in the future.

When you have gone through these steps, you will have to set your nicknames on the different sites and networks. The reason you have to set your nickname is so that PokerTracker can do reports for your hands only and show you everything you need to know about your playing style.

Last step is to configure your HUD to show the stats you want to have displayed on the tables. Should you not know what to put, the basic configuration set by PokerTracker is a great starting point to learn how to use the program and you can always add new stats to it later on.

In case you should have any issues setting up the HUD, import hand histories or anything else, PokerTracker has several great start-up guides that shows you step by step how to use the program and chance the settings. For more complicated issues not covered by the guides, they also have a forum where you can ask your question and the programmers and other users can help you.

Once everything has been set up, all you have to do is open your poker client, start playing and the HUD will automatically appear on all your tables and all stats and hands will automatically be integrated into PokerTracker.

How Can It Help Me?

PokerTracker and other similar helping tools has become increasingly popular over the years, being used by everyone from hobby players to the best pro’s in the world. The reason for this is that all players can have different leaks and bad habits that they most likely cannot see themselves. To remove those leaks and to optimize their game, they use tools such as PokerTracker to make more money while playing.

PokerTracker offers a wide variety of different features to help you find your leaks and improve your game. Some of the key features to that are:

  • Advanced HUD that can be customized to show exactly the stats you want on your opponent
  • Note feature that shows by scrolling over the mouse
  • Interactive reports of your sessions with filter option to find exactly what you are looking for such as win/loss, position, limit and dates
  • In deep tournament reports
  • Graphs showing winnings, expected value, rakeback and win rate
  • Hand re-player with customizable design and stats

When you start to use this features and understand how they can help you, they will make you able to play ideal poker versus your opponents and help you make money playing poker online.

In PokerTracker 4, many of the add-ons that had to be purchased in former versions are included at no extra cost. These features are:

  • NoteTracker – NoteTracker automatically writes down notes on your opponents while you focus on playing. NoteTracker writes down odd situations and patterns of each individual player.
  • LeakTracker – LeakTracker analyses your game and plugs out the things it sees as leaks.
  • ICM Analysis – Independent Chip Model simulation otherwise known as ICM is also included in PokerTracker. ICM helps sit ‘n’ go and MTT players finding the optimal pushing and calling range in sit ‘n’ goes and tournaments
  • Equity Calculator – The Equity Calculator helps you calculate the equity of the hands played, by choosing the percentage of hands you put your opponent on against your own hand.

PokerTracker also offers a purchasable add-on called TableTracker. TableTracker helps you find the best games across multiple poker sites and network, by finding tables that match the filters set by you.

Everything you need to improve your game can be found in PokerTracker, either included or as a purchasable add-on.

Am I Allowed To Use PokerTracker?

Yes you are allowed to use PokerTracker. All the poker sites and networks that PokerTracker supports all allow the program to be used in real time on the tables. PokerTracker is not a device that can help you cheat, but rather a program to optimize your game. Because of this, all major network and sites have decided to allow the program. Below is a list of all the sites and networks that allows PokerTracker: 888 Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars, Boss Media, Ipoker, Merge, Microgaming (MPN), Ongame, Party Poker, Revolution, Winamax and Winning Poker Network.

Can I Try It Before I Buy It?

If you are not sure if you would like to purchase PokerTracker, they offer a 30 day trial period for all new customers, to try out the product and see if it’s something for them. After the 30 days has expired, you will be forced to either purchase or stop using the program. The 30 day trial is a great opportunity to see if it helps improve your game as well as giving you some time to learn how to use it before having to pay. Just go to PokerTracker’s website and start your trial today.