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History of PokerOffice

PokerOffice was established in 2003 to create the first online poker tracking and analytics tool to help players improve their game. PokerOffice wanted to create an easy to set up and use poker tool to analyze patterns of opponents, have vital stats and reports of all game-play. PokerOffice offers players a Heads Up Display (HUD) and live tracking of the table, to help players obtain an edge on their opponents.

PokerOffice quickly became a very popular tool used by players, having more than 100,000 active players using it, despite the heavy competition from rivals such as PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager. With its good look graphical interface, HUD, stats, reports and so on, PokerOffice helped players find their leaks and improve their overall game significantly. Players using the tool back when it was released had a big edge compared to the regular player who didn't have anything but his himself to help him.

The online poker industry has always moved very fast, with new rooms and networks opening constantly and the game developing in different directions. This made it a challenge for PokerOffice to follow the trends with updates, but has since the beginning released five completely new programs and regular updates to keep everything up to date. The regular updates were released and automatically updated in the software, so players just had to worry about playing poker and use the new features. Their latest version PokerOffice 6 has an improved graphical interface, more reports and stats and supports even more sites than ever before.

How Does It Work?

So to begin using PokerOffice there are a few steps to do before you can begin crushing your opponents. First thing you have to do is to go to PokerOffice's website and download the program and begin to install it. The installation takes less than five minutes and all you have to do is follow the steps explained on the screen. Meanwhile you need to purchase a license to use the program. PokerOffice offers two different types of licenses, a yearly and a lifetime license. In most situations it makes most sense to purchase a lifetime license, but we will leave that up to you what you choose. Once purchased, you will receive an email with your unique registration key. Once installed you will have to go to the help menu and choose the Enter Registration Keys menu to enter this key and active the program. 

You will then need to set the nickname you have on the tables, to make PokerOffice create reports and statistics about your game play, winnings and so on. If PokerOffice doesn't find any stats on your nickname it's due to the software not being able to find any hand history. Should this happen, all you need to do is manually find the hand histories and set it to auto-import in the future. From there on out, the program should be activated and ready to use and the HUD and live stats should appear on the tables by itself. You then have the possibility to customize your HUD with the stats that you want on your opponents, to optimize it for you.

In case you should have any issues using the program or setting up different things, PokerOffice offers many good guides and a FAQ section that covers most issues you can encounter with the software. For questions that the guides and FAQ cannot reply to, you have the option to email the support or go to the PokerOffice forum and ask your question there. In the forum other users and the programmers can reply to your question and solve your issue.

How Can It Help Me?

PokerOffice and other similar tools can help you improve your game, finding leaks that you were not aware of, optimize your game, help you to play your hands right and many other things. This is why so many players from hobby level to the top professionals use tools like PokerOffice.

PokerOffice offers many different features to help you optimize your game and find your leaks. Some of the most important features are:

  • Live Game Tracking that shows real time modeling of the players you are playing, Pot Odds, probabilities and hand rankings
  • Heads Up Display that shows key stats on your opponents, making you able to exploit their weaknesses
  • Hand Replaying tool of your played hands, showing pot odds, pot size, betting sizes, outs and many other things
  • Extended Graphs with advanced filters, making it possible to see winnings, expected value, rakeback and win rate
  • Note taking directly in the program, ensuring you will always have your notes available
  • In deep statistics, showing stats for each level, each session and all the important stats you would need
  • Real time mucked cards, in case your opponent folds to have you not see their cards you will see their mucked cards directly on the table (Only when a hand comes to showdown)
  • Poker Odds Calculator calculating real time pot odds, pot value, show hand strength and show your outs
  • HUD pop up window with your notes, detailed statistic of each player, starting hands of each player and what hands they see a flop with

With all of these features you will have everything you need to gain an edge on your opponents and analyze your own game for future improvements.

Am I Allowed To Use PokerOffice?

PokerOffice cannot help you cheat the other players in any way, but is a tool to improve your game by analyzing it and show stats about opponents to adjust to them. Because of this all major sites and networks have allowed software's like PokerOffice because all it does is help players. PokerOffice is supports many different sites and networks, below is a list of all it supports:

Pokerstars, Party Poker, 888 Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Winamax, Merge, Microgaming (MPN) and Ipoker.

Can I Try It Before I Buy It?

Yes. PokerOffice offers all new customers a 300 hand trial of their program and when the trial is over they can either purchase a license or stop using the program. The 300 hand trial for PokerOffice is a great way of getting to know the program, learning how to use a HUD and poker calculator as well as see if it improves your game and makes you gain an edge on your opponent. Simply go to PokerOffice's website and start your free trial today and see if it's something for you.