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The Grand Live

History and Information

The Grand Live was created in 2010, when the online poker network Ongame made its own live tournament series to travel across Europe. The Grand Live was originally called Grand Series of Poker (GSOP), but changed name to the Grand Live in April 2013 as they found the name more suitable for their event that cost exactly one grand (€1,000) to enter.

Being an online poker network's live tournament, the Grand Live mainly focuses on providing players to the tournaments via online satellites from their partners. By doing so, they ensure that the tournaments will always have a great attendance and also gives the recreational players a great chance to travel abroad and play in a big live tournament. Satellites to the Grand include airfare and accommodation and can be won from $2.2, making it possible for everybody to qualify to the events.  When the Grand Live was created there were already several other online poker network tournaments running in Europe, but Ongame made the Grand Live a success, running now for more than four seasons.

The Grand live quickly became popular with its cheap main event buy-in and the opportunity to play side-events and cash games at each destination. The satellite winners got to experience the thrill of a buzzing casino and the grinders had all the games they could wish for, when the tournament day ended or when they had busted out. With the low price, great locations and professional setup, the Grand Live has grown in size every season and continues to do so. To make the Grand Live more exclusive throughout the years they started arranging parties, having models going around the tournament area and improved the main event structure. These things gave the Grand Live a feeling of a EPT or similar tournament, catering to the players and making them happy.

The Grand Live Destinations

The Grand Live visits between three and six destinations all over Europe each season, making it possible for Ongame to run satellites to the events every month. The Grand Live has visited 11 different destinations all over Europe and with one exclusive stop in the Dominican Republic in season two.

The most visited destinations are Malta and Prague who has both been visited three times in four seasons. The Mediterranean Island of Malta is a very natural stop for the Grand Live, as most of the companies are based there and are able to do something even more special for that event. Prague is one of the most popular stops of all, with its cheap prices, exclusivity and professional surroundings.

The other destinations the Grand Live has visited in its many seasons are Riga, Seville, Manchester, Salzburg, Vienna, Marbella, Thessaloniki and Cyprus. With the many unique destinations, players of the Grand Live has gotten many different and unique experiences as well as got to experience new cultures.

Player of the Year

From the fourth season of the Grand Live, Ongame has integrated a leaderboard to award the best playing player with exclusive prizes. The winner of the leaderboard is awarded a $2,500 hotel and buy-in to a main event of his own choice for the season after.

Players earn points by finishing in the money in the Grand Live main events, with more points the higher position obtained. The first player of the year has yet to be awarded, but below is the current top 3 of the season four leaderboard:





Jimmy Rasmussen



Michael Harder



Emil Alander