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Asian Poker Tour (APT)

History and information

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) was founded in 2008, when AsianLogic bought the series from Capital Events Pte who had hosted events prior to 2008, but they were not a part of the official APT. AsianLogic wants to establish the APT as the biggest and best poker tournament series in Asia and competes with Pokerstars Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) for the title.

The APT visits the most popular poker destinations all over Asia each season, doing between eight and ten different events. The first three seasons of the APT, the series only visited two locations - Macau and the Philippines, but helped in other events around Asia and established their name. The following years the APT expanded to cover more and more of Asia and even hosted a special event in London.

Each destination consists of a main event, along with several smaller side events. The events are made to suit players of all levels, with buy-ins starting at a $120 for side events and the main events from $2,300. The tournaments are mainly the popular poker formats Texas Hold'em and Omaha, to ensure as many players as possible can take part of the events and each event has plenty of satellite tournaments to the main event, so players that cannot afford the large buy-in can qualify into it for a lower cost.

In 2011 APT created the Asian Poker Tour Asian Series, which is a tournament series similar to the APT, but with even smaller buy-in prices for the hobby players and amateurs to have the chance to play more events and experience real live poker. As a special addition to these low buy-in tournament series, high roller events was added to the schedule so that players could get the chance to see professional players in action as well. The APT Asian Series is a big success, attracting lots of players from all over Asia and now has four stops each season.

The APT continues to expand their series to more destination and cities every year and has become one of the most popular tournament series in Asia, with lots of foreign players attending the events now as well.

APT Locations

Just like many similar tournament series, the APT takes places in many different locations all over the Asia. The tournament series started out by being played in Macau and Philippines only, but has later expanded to other countries such as India, South Korea, Cambodia, Mauritius, China and England.

The different locations are part of the APT strategy to involve as many different nations as possible, to spread poker out to countries not known to be big poker nations. Especially the Philippines have embraced poker and hosts multiple events every year, not just with the APT but also with other tournament series.

APT Player of the Year

Since 2012 the APT has awarded one lucky and skilled player the APT player of the year title. The player of the year award is won by the player who has earned the most points towards the APT leaderboard. Points are earned by participating in the APT and APT Asian Series events and finishing in the money. When finishing in the money, points are distributed by the position, attendance and buy-in of the tournament.

The winner of the leaderboard receives a trophy for the achievement, $8,000 worth of buy-ins to APT tournaments, APT gear and a featured article in the APT booklets. The runner up receives a seat to a main event of his choice and the third place receives APT Asian Series Main Event buy-in of his choice. With all these prices, many players compete hard to win the leaderboard as it gives them the possibility to win a lot more money for free.

The first winner of the APT leaderboard, for the season of 2012 was Samad Ravazi from England. Samad earned almost double the amount of the second place finisher, winning three events and finishing in the money 14 times. Samad is currently also number one in the 2013 leaderboard with only one event left of the series.

Biggest APT Win

With the APT running since 2008, there have been many big prize pools along the way of the tournament series. The biggest win actually appeared in the very first season of APT in the APT Macau event, with $1,5 million guaranteed prize pool. Yevgeniy Timoshenko won $500,000 for his first prize, which has since to be beaten. With the APT now focusing more on smaller buy-in tournaments, it is unlikely it will be beaten, unless the APT creates new tournaments with bigger buy-ins creating bigger prize pools.