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History of PokerTableStats

PokerTableStats was created in 2012 by Marmot Solutions Ltd. PokerTableStats is a poker analytic software helping players make in-game decisions based on real time statistics made available by the program. With a Heads Up Display (HUD) and a side bar giving providing important information, PokerTableStats is a mix of the well known programs Hold'em Manager and PokerTracker with their own unique statistic bar.

PokerTableStats has from the beginning been popular among players, with its new fresh look and features as well as its in-game odds calculator. These features made it possible for players to combine the HUD and calculator while playing instead of having to use a third party program for it.

To keep up with fast speed of the online poker industry, PokerTableStats regularly updates the program to work even smoother and add new features. PokerTableStats is becoming more and more popular each day and might just be the next big analytics tool to be used in online poker.

PokerTableStats only work with Pokerstars for now, but might offer more sites and networks in the future.

How Does It Work?

To being using PokerTableStats, the first step is to go to their website and download the program. Once you have downloaded the program you have to subscribe to one of their monthly payment plans. They offer three different plans, depending on what features you would want to have as well if you need to use the program on more than one computer.

When you have purchased a monthly subscription you can install the program and enter the license code received. Once the program is installed, it will automatically check for any new updates.

From there all your hands will be saved in PokerTableStats private server cloud, so that they will always be available to you no matter what happens with your computer. Now you are ready to play, simply open your poker client and play.

How Can It Help Me?

Just like most other online poker tool programs, PokerTableStats can help you improve your game and eliminate leaks and bad habits with its in deep statistics. When you use PokerTableStats you will always have the most important stats and calculation right next to the table, making it possible for you to make the best decisions every time.

PokerTableStats offers the following features to help you improve your game:

  • Hole Cards Ranking - Hole Cards Ranking automatically calculate the strength of the hand you have been dealt, telling you weather to fold, call or raise in cash game and help you make ICM decisions in tournaments and sit 'n' goes
  • Draw Meter - The Draw Meter shows you the amount of outs needed to improve the hand you are playing, meaning that it shows the odds of you improving your hand
  • Mini HUD Stats - Mini HUD Stats shows the most important stats of each opponent directly on the table and can be customized to show the stats you want it to show
  • HUD Statistics - The HUD Statistics gives you the chance to get a more in deep read on your opponent, with detailed statistics on all important assets of a online poker game
  • See Opponents Mucked Cards - When the opponent folds his hand because he didn't want you to see them, they will automatically appear in the sidebar.
  • Tournament Calculations - Shows you the optimal way of playing throughout a tournament, with the amount of blinds, pot sizes and so on.
  • Real Time Pot Odds - Real Time Pot Odds allows you to compare the odds you are receiving in the pot with the odds of you hitting your draw or over cards.
  • Hand Strength Meter - The Hand Strength Meter shows you your hand strength in real time, so if you have the best possible hand the meter will be completely full
  • + Expected Value - PokerTableStats shows you the number of outs along with the percentage of hitting them, creating an expected value.

With all of these features, you are certain to improve your game significantly from the beginning, helping you make more money with online poker.

PokerTableStats is available in 28 different languages, making it possible for many players to use the program in their native tongue.

Am I Allowed To Use PokerTableStats?

Yes you are allowed to use PokerTableStats while you are playing poker. PokerTableStats is on Pokerstars approved programs list, meaning that they do not have any issues with the program and have checked it thoroughly to see if there is anything illegal in it.

PokerTableStats doesn't make you cheat, but helps you optimize your game to your opponents and make it more profitable playing.

Can I Try It Before I Buy It?

Sure you can, PokerTableStats offers a 5 day trial period for all new potential customers to test out the software and see if it's something for them. All you have to do is go to their website, send your name and email and you will receive a license for five days trial.