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Microgaming Network

Microgaming Poker Network (MPN), formerly known as Prima Poker, is the fifth biggest poker network in the world with up to 4,500 players online during the busiest hours. MPN primarily focuses on recreational players by having big casino and sports betting partners from all over the world. With the closure of the former Entraction network, MPN has acquired multiple partners thus increasing its traffic.

MPN opened in 2003 by Microgaming Software Systems Ltd. Microgaming Software Systems Ltd opened in 1994 to provide online casino solutions and launched the first genuine online casino site the same year. Based out of Isle of Man, Microgaming employs over 1500 people, making them one of the biggest Igaming companies in the world.

Microgaming Software

Microgaming Software Systems Ltd, the owner of the network, provides the MPN software. MPN has kept the original look of their client throughout the years, making it very popular among many poker players. With regular updates of the client to improve the overall experience, MPN has been able to attract more players and make the network more attractive to new partners.

With a major update at the end of 2012, Microgaming improved the software with a new lobby look making it easier for players to navigate between the different games. They introduced "Blaze Poker", their own variant of the popular fast-fold poker product and implemented a new Flash/HTML5 client.

To make the software even more user friendly, Microgaming offers 20 different language settings. This is to ensure players can play in their own language rather than having to settle with English.

To protect recreational players from regulars, Microgaming integrated Anonymous tables in October 2010. The anonymous tables were put in place to prevent recreational players from being hunted by regulars and to keep a healthy poker ecology. Anonymous tables don’t show player nicknames, thus preventing sharks from finding them. This in turn prevents players from using HUDs as well as making more regulars play against each other.

Microgaming's software is only available for download on pc, but can be played on Mac via browser. The downloadable software has all the features you would expect, such as easy multi tabling, filters, notes and so on. The browser version does not support notes, but is a great way to play without having to download the client.

Microgaming Games

MPN offers some of the best poker games you can find online. With a wide variety of different games that run at all hours of the day, you can always find a game that suits you.

Variants of Poker

MPN offers many different variants of poker to its players:

  • Texas Hold'em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Razz
  • 5 Card Draw
  • 5 Card Stud
  • 7 Card Stud

The different variants can be played as cash games, tournaments and sit 'n' go’s.

Blaze Poker

Besides the usual games, MPN also offers Blaze Poker. Blaze Poker was introduced in December 2012 and is MPN's version of the popular fast-fold poker. Blaze Poker is a game where you will be taken to a new table immediately after you have folded your hand. This speeds up the game considerably as you will be playing a new hand right away.

Since the launch of Blaze Poker, MPN promoted it extensively by giving away free money to players playing the game. This made Blaze Poker extremely popular among players who also enjoys the high speed game play, ensuring they never get bored and subsequently get dealt more premium hands than they do at a regular poker table.

Other Considerations


MPN offers a good tournaments schedule, guaranteeing over €3,000,000 in prizes every month. MPN's tournament schedule offers something for all types of players, having everything from freerolls to big guaranteed tournaments. MPN has their own unique survivor tournaments, where a certain percentage of players are kicked out of the tournament each time the blinds go up. Players are able to see if they are going to be eliminated with their current stack or if they will survive another level. This type of tournament is perfect for adrenaline junkies that like to get a kick while playing tournament poker.

With all the different types of tournaments and over 200 tournaments running a day, there will always be something worth playing, no matter when you will check in.


MPN uses the weighted contributed rake allocation system, which means that players pay rake according to their contribution to the pot. The weighted contributed system is the most used in the industry, and is seen as a fair system for delegating rakeback.

MPN charges between 5-10% rake in cash game and 7.5-10% in tournaments. The rake charge is decided upon the game and stakes played. Most MPN sites have the rake scheme shown in their FAQ on their website.


MPN has many different promotions to suit all types of players. Unlike most other big networks and sites, MPN still allows a flat 30% rakeback for all players, as well as a deposit bonus on top. Having flat rakeback makes it easy for players to calculate their earnings without having to read into a VIP system or similar.

Besides rakeback and bonuses, MPN offers a lot of promotions for recreational players, such as having a bad beat jackpot. The bad beat jackpot can only be triggered by playing on the dedicated bad beat jackpot tables and is triggered when a player loses with four-of-a-kind or better. When the jackpot is won, all players sitting at the table get a share of the prize. The biggest cut goes to the unlucky loser of the hand. The MPN bad beat jackpot hit record levels in 2013 with an amazing €924,728.53 prize pool.

Security and Fairness

To ensure fair gaming, Microgaming uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). This generator ensures a random outcome of every single hand that is dealt, as well as which cards will be used as community cards. Microgaming's RNG is approved by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). GLI checks the algorithms used in the software, as well as checking for any anomalies there might be.