| On 8 years ago

WSOP real money room ready to launch


Operated by Caesars Entertainment, the biggest land-based casinos corporations, the second real money online poker room will be launched in two days. The launch of the World Series of Poker branded online room has been expected for quite some time and it’s generating much expectation. The corporation is expecting to raise almost $2 billion by selling shares and stocks of Caesar’s Aquisition Co. the legal company which will own most of the participation in the online gaming venture but which also has vested interests in land-based casinos in Las Vegas and Baltimore. As part of their marketing strategy, Caesars has a database of 12,000 names of online poker players who participated at the last WSOP tournament in Las Vegas which it intends to contact and recruit, as well as traditional advertising on TV, billboards and room key-cards at all of its hotels and resorts.