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Tonybet OFC World Championship To Return in Prague

Tonybet OFC World Championship To Return in Prague

Tonybet Poker is the leading online poker site for Open Face Chinese poker games and hosted the first world championship in those games last year in Prague. The tournament series was a hit amongst many of the well-known pros as well as the amateur crowd and this year they have decided to do it once again.

This year Tonybet decided to also add progressive pineapple to the series, which is a first in the world of live poker. The full schedule for the Tonybet Poker OFC World Championship is:

? December 6th, 8pm: €350 buy-in Tonybet OFC Progressive Pineapple Event

? December 7th, 3pm: €10,000 Tonybet OFC High Roller (Re-Entry)

? December 7th, 8pm: €120 Last Minute Satellite to OFC Main Event

? December 8th, 3pm: €1,000 Tonybet OFC World Championship Main Event (Re-Entry)

“I’m so excited about the Tonybet Poker OFC World Championship in Prague as this will be the very first time I get to play my favorite card game in an organised live event. I haven’t been travelling much lately, but for OFC, I would travel the world to play! I expect to have a lot of fun while I am over there and meet with a lot of old friends. Make no mistake though, I have my eyes firmly fixed on the title of World Champion and I’m very keen to get my hands on the Progressive Pineapple tournament trophy as it is one of my favorite OFC variations!” Isabelle Mercier, Ambassador for Tonybet Poker said.

You can qualify for the tournaments online already now, with satellites running until the events starts. In total 15 seats to the main event and the progressive pineapple event will be given away to players.

The first world championship event hosted by Tonybet Poker was won by Jennifer Shahade, who is a lover of chinese poker and chess. She will probably return to the tournament series this year to try and win back-to-back.

“I had a wonderful time at the tournament – I'd never played a so-called "high roller" before. Though I’d played 10Ks in Main Events, this was quite different. I noticed, ironically, that the atmosphere was more informal and relaxed. I also thought the staff did an exceptional job, especially considering how late the tournament ran. The food was amazing at King’s Casino, I'll always remember the steak and champagne I had after winning!”