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Fult Tilt Poker Players Affected by Flaw in Balance Calculation

Fult Tilt Poker Players Affected by Flaw in Balance Calculation

According to an article on OnlinePokerReport website, part of the Full Tilt Poker remission process involved dealing with player accounts marked with a special tag which designated them as having both player and affiliate funds. The Garden City Group (GCG), the organization in charge of the remission process, sent out emails to players explaining they would be eligible to recouperate their funds but minus any affiliate income.

Those players were given petition and control numbers for them to verify their account balances on the GCG website. Upon logging in, many players, including the author of the article, realized their funds were significantly lower than expected. THe reason for this, according to the author, is that the GCG was using the wrong formula to calculate player balances because they considered rakeback payments as affiliate income.

Apparently the GCG was substracting all "affiliate to player" amounts (including rakeback payments) from the "final account balance". The problem with this formula lies in the fact that before July 2010, all rakeback payments had been labeled as "affiliate to player" funds and were erronously substracted as explained above.

Source: OnlinePokerReport