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Espen Myrmo Victorious in Waitangi Deepstack Championship


Norwegian poker pro Espen Myrmo has pocketed a $40,000 prize after winning the Waitangi Deepstack Championship main event. The player was in New Zealand on occasion of his father’s 60th birthday and decided to enter the competition on the spur of the moment.

The victory of the 28-year-old history student came with an impressive chip advantage as he triumphed over the 134 players who had entered the three-day tournament.

The outstanding performance at the Sky City casino is Myrmo’s first live win although he has solid experience in online poker.

When asked how his triumph came about, Myrmo admitted there was one big hand towards the end of day two that made all the difference.

“There was a hand where I defended the big blind with 89 to a min raise from the button. The flop came down 6 7 T, so I flopped a straight and Jack (Efaraimo) had pocket Kings, so there wasn’t much that either of us could do about it and he had a huge stack so I doubled up.That hand helped a lot to build some momentum and I didn’t look back. Not many people wanted to play big pots against the chip leader from there.”