| On 6 years ago

Dan Bilzerian Released From Jail


Dan Bilzerian, a poker-loving playboy who loves to share his lavish lifestyle on Instagram, has been released from jail after being arrested at the LAX airport in Los Angeles. The first reports of his arrest pointed in the direction of a report from the woman he kicked in the face while celebrating his birthday in Miami.


That was not the case however, as information released by several news media said that Bilzerian was arrested due to him having manufactured or tried to manufacture explosives. According to KTLA, Bilzerian was arrested “on a fugitive warrant out of Nevada, and had faced felony charges in the state, including possessing or manufacturing explosive or incendiary devices.”


Bilzerian has a huge following of people on all social media sites and most are still loving his lifestyle, while others has turned away from him after the arrest as well as having kicked model Vanessa Casano in the head.


No information towards why Bilzerian was released has been made publicly available yet and the initial reports stated that he was held without bail. Bilzerian himself hasn’t made any public statement towards all the incidents yet either, making it seem like he is in some sort of trouble as he is usually quick to give his own unique statements towards things happening around his personality.