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Pokerstars Pro player suspended

Pokerstars Pro player suspended

Leo Fernandez, the Argentinian Team PokerStars professional player, received a notice of suspension from PokerStars for having violated the company's Terms and Conditions. There has been no official statement from PokerStars or from Leo Fernandez, but it has been noticed that the pro was removed from the website. in an interview with Dan Coleman, anther professional poker player, learned that someone else might have been using Fernandez' poker account to play online. The immediate suspect according to Coleman, is Fabrizio Gonzalez also known under his poker alias as "SixthSense19". Gonzalez apparently is banned from PokerStars and has been making use of Fernandez' online account to play and lose over $400,000.

The Brazilian website mentions in an article that Leo Fernandez has a prohibition of use from PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker and can't even log in to either site for at east 6 months.

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