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Kelly Minkin going strong in WSOP Main Event

Kelly Minkin going strong in WSOP Main Event

Kelly Minkin is proving in the 2018 World Series of Poker, the reason of being feared at the table.

An attorney and a poker pro, Kelly Minkin has managed to find balance between her two professions and see has drawn many parallels between the two.

'Being better at poker makes me a better attorney, and vice versa.'

In her second deep Main Event run in last three years, Minkin's poker skills have kept on enhancing.

After starting Day 4 on Sunday with a chips stack of 795,000 she had a stellar day as she finished sixth in terms of chips with 3,459,000 and 310 players remaining.

 She ran it up on the PokerGO feature table, showing a bluff on live TV, and then made a big call-down with a flopped second pair to claim over 3 million.

 "I try to incorporate live reads and a lot of meta-game which is within the table itself," Minkin said. '

"So when I made a bluff, and showed it, I knew it well that it might play into the dynamic at a later point," she added.

Minkin found a big check-call down against her opponent later in the day.

"I simply play adjust my playing techniques according to what happens at the table."

The experts of the game say that the players who are best at executing 'exploitative play' and adjust to their table and their opponents are the most difficult to play against.

 The dealer said, "You have made such a gangster call, I am going to call you Machine Gun Kelly," so the whole table started laughing.'

On Day 5 leading upto the dinner break, Kelly Minkin got off to a great start to take over a chip lead with 5.7 million pretty early on.

"It feels really good to see people rooting for me," she said.