| On 7 years ago

Ivey League Plagued by Tech Glitches


This week, Phil Ivey’s training site, the Ivey League, was finally launched. The celebrations did not last very long as the site ran into problems when its servers overloaded as players rushed in for a visit and to register.

Willing to go public with the issues and keep his followers informed, Phil Ivey took to twitter and posted “You guys love the new site so much that we’ve exceeded our bandwidth. Please stay with us as we work to resolve some technical issues”.

The technical issues continued well over seven hours later, forcing Ivey to once more post a tweet, “Things should be back to normal on the Ivey League site. Busted servers are no fun but we appreciate the love”.

Phil Ivey and his team of professional pokers are the main attarction of the Ivey League and Ivey Poker brands. Amongst the pro poker team, Ivey counts with the company of Greg Merson, Andrew Lichtenberger, Patrik Antonius, Cole South, and Jennifer Harman.