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Danish Former High-Stakes Pro Reported to Police for Massive Fraud

Danish Former High Stakes Pro Reported to Police for Massive Fraud



A former Danish high-stakes player has been reported to the department of economical fraud in Denmark, after several players from the Danish high-stakes community has discovered that the player allegedly installed a sophisticated trojan horse on their computers.


The players claims to have been defrauded out of several million Euro's from the player, who used the trojan horse upwards of nine years before being discovered. The full details are currently not available, but according to some of the players involved in the report, there will be a press release tomorrow stating further information.


The Danish police-commissary Torben Koldborg Frederiksen has told to the press that there has been a report of the 32-year old poker player and that they are currently investigating into the matter, which also includes several non-Danish high-stakes poker players, but that the player has yet to be charged with anything.


The player could allegedly see the high-stakes players hole-cards while playing them on different sites, winning a massive amount of money and making several of the pro's almost go broke. Furthermore there's a speculation that he received help from someone inside the Danish police department, who creates special trojan horses to spy on computer activity on suspected criminals. The associate has yet to be confirmed and would - of course - be without the knowledge of the police department.


One of the victims has told to the Danish news site that he figured out that there had been tampering with his computer, as his computer had been restarted while he was out of the house - something that he wouldn't normally do.


Being suspicious about the restarted computer, the player decided to check his survelliance camera's, only to discover that they had been turned off for 15 minutes earlier that evening, where someone had broken into his house and installed the trojan horse on his computer.


The player is one of the most famous Danish high-stake players, having won an EPT as well as played some of the highest stakes online. The name of the player is known to, but as he has yet to be charged we will not disclose his name. We will update the case as soon as more information is being released.