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Australian Poker Pro Sues Former Friends over Facebook Comments

By Daniel Allermand

Sometimes it can be good value to sue your former friends if they are bad mouthing you. That’s a lesson that Australian poker pro Nicholas Polias has learned, after he was accused of being a thief by some of his previous friends.


The four ex-friends, who are also poker players, were spreading a rumour that Polias was a thief, some by word-of-mouth and others by posting and sharing it on Facebook. The reason for the accusations was due to two separate incidents, with the first being on a trip to Las Vegas, where Tobin Ryall was sharing a room with Polias and lost $2,000 in cash, which was later found in a stuffed animal in the room.


The second incident came in a high-stakes game in a casino in Sydney, where Polias paid a player too little after losing a hand, only to instantly notice it and pay the player the correct amount. These incidents was apparently enough for Ryall, Sandy Jan, Rhys Gould and Andy Hun Wei Lee to begin talking bad about Polias online and at the tables.


Ryall was the first to post on Facebook regarding Polias being a thief, which was then shared by Lee. Polias wrote in the status update what had actually happened and asked Ryall to delete it, only to be denied by Ryall who didn’t believe Polias story.


Polias then decided to drag the four ex-friends to court and sue them for trying to ruin his good name. The police and the court system agreed with Polias and awarded him $130,000 and $125,000 in damages from Lee and Ryall, due to their vicious and malicious conduct towards him.


Jan and Gould also had to pay damages to Polias, after having spoken bad about him in the poker community, paying relatively $50,000 and $35,000 for their part in the whole scandal.

Daniel Allermand

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