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Man Wins $844,000 Jackpot on 'Jurassic Park' Slot Machine

Man Wins 844 000 Jackpot on 'Jurassic Park' Slot Machine

Everyone who has ever been to a real casino knows that slot machines are a big part of the revenues that the casino gets, simply by looking at the floor and seeing that the machines are literally everywhere. But despite the fact that many do not wish to play them because they are more luck based than other games, they are without a doubt the only thing that can make you rich for just a few cents.

A man from Buffalo discovered that, as he was playing in his local casino, the Buffalo Creek Casino. He was playing his usual games in front of the 'Jurassic Park' slot machine, when he stroke gold and hit the jackpot. All the lights began flashing and sounds signalling that he won also went off.

The players was in awe over his win and when he figured out it was a massive $844,000 he won, he didn't know what to say. The player wished to remain anonymous on his win, just like he declined to tell the media what he plans on spending the money on, but we have no doubt that he will probably take a nice little holiday and enjoy some time away from the dark casino.

The jackpot win was one of the biggest winnings ever recorded at the Buffalo Creek Casino.

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