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Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casino's is a business that is experiencing a huge rush forward, with thousands of players playing casino games for Bitcoins on a daily basis. Bitcoin casino's doesn't allow the players to play with fiat money, but only deposit, withdraw and play with Bitcoins and in some cases also other types of cryptocurrencies. It has become increasingly popular to play casino games with Bitcoins since the mainstream media started to cover the Bitcoins, but before that it was already quite popular and many Bitcoin holders enjoyed to have a good and fair chance of winning good money.

Today there are many different and unique Bitcoin casino sites, who offers their own take on popular games as well as use large casino game providers. You can find everything from dice games, circle games, lottery games to 3D slots and table games. The Bitcoin casino industry is booming and the competition between the sites are becoming more and more intense.

Bitcoin casino's are ideal for players from the US, as it allows them to play casino games anonymously and with fast deposit and withdrawals. As there is no need for you to send in personal documents for your game-play, you don't need to worry about anyone finding out about you playing and you don't need to worry about ever receiving the money either. Everything goes super fast when you play in a Bitcoin casino.

What are the Differences Between Bitcoin Casino's and Regular Casino's?

The differences between the regular online casino's as you know it and Bitcoin casino's are not as many as it used to be, as more and more larger companies has gotten into the industry and made it more like the online casino's for cash.

However there are still some major differences that you need to be aware of when you switch from a normal online casino and to Bitcoin casinos. The first difference is the variety of games that you have available. Very few Bitcoin casino sites has chosen to integrate some of the well known casino game providers such as Playtech or Betsoft, but instead created their own games or got them from unknown sources. This means that in the typical Bitcoin casino site, you will not be able to find a few hundred different games, but instead only 1-10 different games. This makes a big difference for experienced casino players, as it means that there is nowhere near the same variety to choose from. Another factor in terms of the games is the fact that most Bitcoin casinos are either flash or HTML5 based, instead of having downloadable platforms. If you don't like to play games in your browser, then Bitcoin casinos are not for you, but if you like to have easy access to games wherever you go, then it's a natural choice.

Another difference is that you will either be playing for Bitcoins directly or get your Bitcoins exchanged into chips. When you play for Bitcoins directly, the casino site will have rules in regards to how many decimals that you are allowed to bet with. The more decimals they allow, the smaller the amount of Bitcoins (money) you have to bet in each round. It is important that you check out their exact rules for this, so you avoid depositing on a site where the minimum bet is equal to $10 in Bitcoins, if you only want to bet equal to $2 in Bitcoins. If your Bitcoins gets exchanged into chips, then you will need to see how many chips you get per Bitcoin and then see what the minimum bet is. 

Are Bitcoin Casino's More Fair?

Bitcoin casino's are in general much more fair than the regular online casino sites, as they have chosen to have an edge of 0.5-2% in general, while regular casino's has an edge of 3-15% depending on the game and site. With a much lower house edge in the Bitcoin casino's, players have a higher chance of winning good money as well as get plenty of entertainment while playing. There are some Bitcoins casino's that has a regular casino house edge, but it is by far a minority and all the legitimate Bitcoin casino's lists their house edge along with proof on the homepage of their casino. 

Where Can I Play Bitcoin Casino?

There are a lot of different Bitcoin casino sites online now, but it is very difficult for even experienced casino players to understand exactly what they offer. That's why we have gone through all the largest sites out there and collected the information for you. You can find information about the games they provide, how the platform and software is and how it works, the payout percentage, how fast cash outs are and much more. You can find all of that in our Games Section, where you can see the wide variety of different sites that you can choose to put your action on.

We have listed detailed reviews about all sites and we also included contact information of the site, should you want to get in touch with them before you start to play. You'll find screenshots of the casino platform so you can see exactly how the games are looking and go to the page through our links and start to play instantly.

Deposit and Withdrawal Timeframes

Bitcoin casino sites have very fast deposits and withdrawals for their players, as the Bitcoin allows them to make almost instant transactions. When you are doing a deposit to a Bitcoin casino site, then you can expect the money to arrive in your account within one hours time and usually way before that. Once the money is in your account, you can simply start playing and do a withdrawal when you have won money or got tired of playing.

When you are doing a withdrawal, it will take a little longer before you will receive your Bitcoins, despite the fact that the site has the same timeframe for sending Bitcoins as you. This is because that the casino site has got to check everything in their backend and approve the cash out, before they will actually send you the Bitcoins. Once they have processed the cash out, you should get it within 1 hours time, but in general you will have to wait up to 48 hours before the Bitcoins are back in your wallet account.