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Police arrests casino worker for dealing private poker game on the side

Police arrests casino worker for dealing private poker game on the side

A Canadian casino north of Seattle might end up losing two employees after they were found guilty of being involved home poker game.

According to reports, two women who worked at the River Rock Casino were arrested after police raided an alleged poker house. British Columbia's anti-gang agency informed the province's Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch that both the women were present at the game.

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation which also owns River Rock casino revealed in a statement that this incident might cost the women their jobs.

Police raided a rental space above an auto-repair business after neighbours complained about dressed up women and fancy cars arriving there at night. Police found more than $15,000 in cheques and a total of $36,260 in cash according to the reports. Police searched 11 people and arrested them which also included two casino workers.

Police said that one of the two River Rock employees were seated in the centre-right of the table, police believe him to be the dealer. They said that the other was playing poker and claimed to be a poker pro. Police claim that he had $12,000 in his chip stack when the raid went down.

One of the poker players alleged that he was invited to the game by one of the casino workers after they had met in an online poker strategies club.

The police or the casino haven't revealed the names of the workers and their designations are also unclear at the River Rock Casino.

It is yet to be clear if police has seized cash or poker chips, but the report asserted that they seized five poker tables in the raid. No charges ended up being filed.

Still, the raid could result in problems for the two female River Rock Casino workers.

“Great Canadian has zero tolerance for any of our staff having any relationship with an illegal facility, as do our regulators, and (we would) take immediate action against anyone found to be engaged in that type of activity, including termination,” the casino operator said in a statement.