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Mansion Group to Rebrand

Mansion Group to Rebrand

Mansion Group, which owns one of the oldest domains in the industry,, has announced that it is going to rebrand the site.

Gibraltar-based gambling operator is working on a new website and logo, which aligns with the wider group’s marketing strategy of building a new image of its subsidiaries and assets.

According to the company’s press release, is going to boast a more intuitive and user-friendly interface inspired from leading names in the industry.

Mansion’s management also stated that the repositioning was going to further reinforce the “enviable domain” of the platform.

Shelly Suter-Hadad, COO and Managing Director at Mansion, said that the company remained true to its mission to provide players with an unparalleled gaming experience centered around product innovation and enhancement. She further maintained that the re-branding was already eliciting enthusiastic feedback from the community so Mansion expected a stable rise in customer acquisitions in their target markets.