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Armed Robbery At Casino Queen, Suspects Flee After Shooting The Security Guard

Armed Robbery At Casino Queen Suspects Flee After Shooting The Security Guard

In another incident of an armed robbery at the casinos, this time at the Casino Queen, St. Louis,  things turned murkier, as shots were fired. The state police of Illinois are investigating the shooting at the Casino Queen that took place in the wee hours on Sunday. According to the investigators a male security guard, who is believed to be unarmed was shot.

It is, however, unknown how many times the guard was shot, but he is reportedly in a stable condition at a local hospital.

Investigators claimed that three armed men with assault-type rifles were involved in an armed robbery in which the security guard was left injured.

 The three suspects robbed the cash cage on the main casino floor, and are still at large with an unknown amount of money. Police are investigating the entire incident and reviewing the surveillance videos for clues.

The incident site was surrounded with heavy police force soon after the incident. Officers from Illinois State Police, Madison County, St. Clair County, Cahokia and Allerton reached the crime scene to help with the investigations.

The eyewitnesses inside the casino described the site of the robbery and shooting as frightening and said the situation got tense with stampede like scenario while the people were trying to escape. The casino will remain shut until further investigations take place.