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Possible new casino in Maine causes fuss

Possible new casino in Maine causes fuss

A group of people, associated with Las Vegas developer Shawn Scott, is rapidly obtaining signatures needed for a petition to build a third casino in the American state of Maine. The only two casino’s in Maine are the Oxford Casino and the Hollywood Casino, of which the latter was built by Scott before selling it.


Scott was sued by Scarborough Downs in 2005 for using misleading tactics to legalise slots for the Bangor casino.


The group needs enough signatures by February 1st to get the casino on the ballot due in November. The intention is to build the casino in York County. However, some people in Bangor and surroundings are accusing the group of giving false promises, claiming that the casino will help Bangor’s economy and schools, even though the casino will be built more than 100 miles away from Bangor. Scott is yet to respond to these incriminations.

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