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Armed thief pulls off heist at Las Vegas casino

Armed thief pulls off heist at Las Vegas casino

Bellagio Hotel & Casino of Las Vegas is robbed by an armed thief at around 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday. Described as a white male wearing a mask and a wig, the robber held up a poker cage on gunpoint and demanded an unspecified amount of money from the staff.

 According to the police, the teller remained calm and handed over the cash hoping not to alarm guests. The police arrived on the scene soon after, but the gunman had fled by then. The robber was said to have parked his car in the valet and used that to make a speedy exit.

 Apparently, the well-known actor James Woods was present inside the Bellagio during the incident and tweeted a first-hand account of the episode. In his tweets, he lauded the efforts of the casino staff saying the staff was fantastic and surrendered the money quietly without customers realising that a robbery is taking place. They ensured the safety of their customers.

 The robber is reportedly still at large, with Las Vegas police on the lookout for silver Chevrolet Cruze with Nevada license plates, the vehicle the suspect is believed to be driving. Police believes that the man had no accomplices. Investigators are expected to release the images from the robbery soon.

 MGM Resorts International, which owns the Bellagio, said that they are working with investigators to identify the man. Police do not believe the man had any accomplices. Sections of the casino have been roped off as police investigates the case.

 Ironically, since appearing in the 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt, the casino has become a symbol for Las Vegas heists.

Earlier in March 2017, Sebastian Gonzalez and three others donned animal mask to rob a jewelry store at the Bellagio.  In 2014, a suspect was arrested after $45,000 heist from the Bellagio.