Rake Chase

What is a Rake Chase?

A rake chase is a promotion that poker sites and affiliates offers to their players to try and make them rake even more and reward them for doing so. Players will be offered to reach different rake target levels and then receive an additional extra payment for this rake, should they be successful in reaching one of the levels.

Rake chases has been around for many years now and became a way for smaller poker sites to attract the large rakers without risking a big amount of money by hosting a rake race. The good thing about a rake chase for the poker site is that if no one reaches the rake targets, then the site doesn’t have to pay out any money. For players it is also a good promotion, since they will not be competing against players the same way about who gets to rake the most. Instead they will simply have to reach a target within a time period to get the rewards that they wanted.

You can still find several smaller sites offering rake chases to their players, as well as affiliates offering it to their loyal players. Most of the grinders currently go for the big rake races where they can score very big at once, but for small raking players and the regular raking players a rake chase might be much better value than a rake race. So have a look in our Poker Review Section and see if we have any rake chase offerings that you could be interested in.

How Does it Work?

The basic principle of a rake chase is very simple to understand for most players. Basically the poker site will be providing a certain amount of rake chase prizes, which can be won by reaching the rake requirements for one of the levels. However since most poker sites limits the amount of rake chase prizes that can be won, you will still need to try and reach the level as one of the first to be sure to get a prize. You can always see in the rake chase promotion terms and conditions if the site will pay everyone reaching a target or only the first xxx players, which is important to look at so you don’t waste time raking for a prize you won’t be getting.

When the site begins to promote the rake chase to their players, they will commonly provide information about all the prizes, the rake targets to reach them and how many players they pay. A common way to show this is through a table, so we have created an example for you below:

Monthly Rake Target

Prize Awarded if Reached

Total Winners

















As you can see in the table example it is pretty easy to understand what you have to do to get a prize, how much you will have to rake and what your prize will be for the rake target you reach. You will not get a prize for each level you move up, but only receive the prize for the final target that you reach.

Once the rake chase starts, the site will provide you with a leaderboard page where you can see which players rake what and who is winning the prizes as the rake chase runs.

How to Participate

Rake chase are commonly something you have to opt-in to participate in, since the site are not interested in providing extra value for players that really doesn’t care about it. So always check if you will be entered in the promotion automatically or if you have to opt-in through support or in your profile.

If the rake chase is for players under a specific affiliate only, then there is no chance of participating unless you are tracked under that affiliate. However we never recommend to retag yourself to new affiliates, as you might still be losing out on value compared to your normal affiliate.

Once you know that you have successfully opted-in to participate in the rake chase, then there is nothing left for you to do, except from to begin playing, raking and winning. Good luck!