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WCOOP Main Event: PlayinWasted Wins $1.49 Million!

WCOOP Main Event PlayinWasted Wins 1.49 Million

The multi-day battle for online poker's biggest prize kicked off with 2,133 runners blasting past the $8,000,000 guarantee to put $10,665,000 in the prize for the $5,200 buy-in World Championship Event. Online Poker's big show netted over $62,362,757 in prize money for the series (which also smashed the $42,000,000 series guarantee.)

Day one would whittle the massive field down to 296 and at the top of the heap was HeroCallFold with 719,357 virtual chips. While the field would eagerly await the elimination of 53 more to hit the money line, they would have to get past a field of notables still wielding stacks that included: Andrey “Kroko-dill” Zaichenko (WCCOP & SCOOP Champ), Jason “jdtpoker” Wheeler, Chris “SLOPPYKLOD” Klodnicki, David “CrabMaki” Shallo, Jon “PearlJammer” Turner, Jason Mercier (#WhenWillitEnd), Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen, Shane “Shaniac” Schleger and Dan “Danny98765” Smith.

Day two kicked off and after 53 players logged in hopeful and logged out busto, the field made the money. The bubble was a particularly painful note as the ironically named PureCash25 was busted in a set over set hand against Luke “LukefromB13” Staudenmaier (3s vs. Qs) but as usual, no one mourned for long. It would take a while to do it from there, but eventually 243 would become nine. Making a good run at it, but ultimately missing the final table and a super sized payday were Chris “SLOPPYKLOD” Klodnicki (21st for $39,460.50), Jon “PearlJammer” Turner (15th for $56,524.50), and Andrey “Kroko-dill” Zaichenko (11th for $67,189.50). “Tomatee” from Uruguay was the final table bubble boy, setting up a ultimate roster that looked like this:

Final Table Chips and Positions:

Seat 1: PlayinWasted (Germany) -- 7,551,467
Seat 2: Dylan "Pokerl)eviL" Hortin (Canada) -- 2,067,700
Seat 3: Shane "shaniac" Schleger (Mexico) -- 3,694,701
Seat 4: Vampyboy (Germany) -- 2,518,386
Seat 5: alexandrapau (Canada) -- 5,610,664
Seat 6: Leon "flippetyflop" Louis (United Kingdom) -- 4,244,756
Seat 7: 1M.BanKroLL (Malta) -- 2,871,036
Seat 8: Daniel "Allanon85" Drescher (Germany) -- 2,709,187
Seat 9: SwissCantMis (Germany) -- 11,392,103

There weren't a lot of easy seats to be found as the group included Sunday Million winner Daniel “Allanon85” Drescher, SCOOP Champ “alexandrapau”, and 2013 WCOOP final tabelists on a hot run Dylan “Pokerl)eviL” Hortin (3rd in Event #34 PLO 6-Max) and Vampyboy (4th in Event #14 NLH 6max.) Not to mention live and online champion grinder Shane “Shaniac” Schleger who ran up his stack heading to the money bubble, lost a flip to drop to the short stack with 24 remaining and then battled back to make the final table.

It took a half hour to see the first elimination of Vampyboy as his JJ could not hold against PlayinWasted's AhJd. Leon “flippetyflop” Louis in 8th followed him closely when he called all in to Daniel “Allanon85” Drescher's shove and found his AcQc lacking against AdKd. “Pokerl)eviL” found a rough exit when he got it all in against PlayinWasted's AcJh holding AsQd only to see a jack hit the flop and Hortin hit the rail. Ultimately, the late rally magic would not hold much longer than that for Schleger who would bust in 6th when he lost a flip holding fives to SwissCantMis's AsKs.

The elimination of “alexandrapau” next was particularly brutal as he got it all in against “Allanon85” holding AcAh to the Drescher's AdAs. It looked to be a chop until the flop brought three diamonds and the river a fourth. “alexandrapau” lived the nightmare watching his stack defect to the other side of the table and his dream of a WCOOP championship end with a 5th place finish.

After then-short-stacked 1M.BanKroLL shoved his stack from the button with Kc7s and was gunned down in 4th by Daniel Drescher's Ac5s, the three remaining players were all logged in from Germany. They tried to make a deal “mach schnell” based on a chip chop, but Allanon85 and SwissCantMis tried to blitz the short stack PlayinWasted for more. However, PlayinWasted held firm to his entrenched position and the three eventually settled on a deal that gave them all a million dollar payday and played it out.

Turned out to be a great defensive stand for PlayinWasted as he jumped into the lead after grabbing a big pot from Allanon85 and held on from there. Daniel “Allanon85” Drescher would eliminate SwissCantMis in third when his AcKh held up versus the later's Ah7d and Playing Wasted would ultimately win it all when his AsKs held court over the KcQs of Allanon85. PlayinWasted took home almost $1.5 million dollars, the 2013 WCOOP Main Event Title and the pride of being the Last German Standing.

Payouts (*indicates a chop):

1. PlayinWasted (Germany) -- $1,493,499.15*
2. Daniel "Allanon85" Drescher (Germany) -- $1,415,238.66*
3. SwissCantMis (Germany) -- $1,101,835.44*
4. 1M.BanKroLL (Malta) -- $599,906.25
5. alexandrapau (Canada) -- $426,600.00
6. Shane "shaniac" Schleger (Mexico) -- $291,154.50
7. Dylan "Pokerl)eviL" Hortin (Canada) -- $213,300.00
8. Leon "flippetyflop" Louis (United Kingdom) -- $159,975.00
9. Vampyboy (Germany) -- $106,650.00

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