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This Week in High Stakes Online Poker (10/3 – 10/9)

This Week in High Stakes Online Poker 10 3 10 9

Got a lot of great feedback on the Elite 8 format and quick briefs, so let’s get you to more of what you love: 

#1 – Isildur1 – Viktor Blom had a “Swedish swing” that shot him up over last weeks (and month’s) crippling losses a week with total of  a $1.5 million dollar positive upswing in the last 10 days.  In a blistering 142 sessions covering 8515 hands, the man who rallied off a mini-stake last week finished this week up $1,169,57.  How big a week was that this week?  Well, it is $898,941 more that our second place finisher in the Elite 8…

#2 – JayP-AA – This PokerStars PLO player blasted onto the scene in April of 2011 when he shot up over $300,000 in the black.  Through June of 2012, he kept his nose above water, but after that, it was a slide that only saw one jump above break even around April of 2013…followed by another sharp drop.  Well, this $270,633 score over 3095 hands pushed JayP-AA back into the positive…and beyond!

#3 – mikki696 – Work ethic scored “mikki” his big win this week.  76 sessions and 4263 hands were half of what Blom put in, but on average it is a great deal of work and earned the virtual grinder $264,950.  Outside a starting slide when mikki696 was starting out, it’s been on a pretty positive climb in his career with this week’s score pushing him to $886,811 in total high stakes earnings.

#4 – Hac “trex313” Dang – This week laid Hac out a brotherly challenge for the other Dang brother if Di chooses to accept it.  The RunItOnce.com pro snapped off $213,104 in a very profitable collection of 19 sessions over 2247 hands.  Dang is now just under $8 million in lifetime high stakes online earnings and sits in the #5 spot on the all time list.

#5 – 2013 has been a magical year for Carlooo13 as he turned around a very sad 2012 and cranked up a near $400,000 positive push to land him +$284,127 lifetime at the end of this week.  A really good portion of that could be attributed to the $204,877 picked up over 58 sessions and a hair under 5000 hands this week.

#6 – OtB_RedBaron – High Stakes newbie OtB_RedBaron did not find a Rickenbacker on the digital felt this week (or a Snoopy for that fact.)  And if the WWI dogfighting references are lost on you, then just savor the fact that he is up$190,453 over 4594 hands and 72 sessions.

#7 – no_Ola – no_Ola took it a bit easier this week and instead battling almost all of last week’s Elite 8, focused on some different high flyers and racked up $179,872 over a brief 2669 hands and 19 sessions.  Not that he does not deserve the break.  With total lifetime earnings over $2 million and the number 33 spot on the all time High Stakes earnings list, no_Ola is no_Joke.

#8 – RookieNFL – After handing off well over $400,000 to Isildur1 last week, this fearless high stakes battler righted the ship with a nice 6 figure positive score to land him in the eighth spot this week.  Earning a crisp $163,834 in a mere 10 sessions and 1243 hands, RookieNFL did it without breaking too big of a sweat.  Maybe he’s just getting warmed up to go after and Elite 8 spot next week, or maybe he figured Isildur1 out?

Honorable Mentions: (for blasting away with the best of them again) Ben “psychobenny” Spindler, Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius and Follow The Hawk

Big Action Briefs:

Swedish Cashballs.

It was all Blom, all the time this week.  The next 5 top earners in the Elite Eight this week barely eclipsed his solo earning power.   After a much publicized, nightmare million dollar downswing, Blom has blazed forward and smashed right back into the biggest names and highest rollers in the game.  A bit after Mid-Week, Isildur1 was in mid-season form winning over $200,000 at 2-7 Triple Draw, primarily from a 45 minute session against Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Kagome Kagome.  He peeled off $126k from SanIker in $500/1000 capped NLE tables early in the morning and sacked Alex Millar for $80k in a night session of $400/800.  The highlight?  Getting looked up light by Mr. “IReadYrSoul” Millar for a single $284k+ pot.  Viktor coughed back a bit of last week’s winnings from RookieNFL in his NLH sessions, but still picked up over $150k in the game that day

Blom stacked up over $580,000, $400,000 on the 6th (mainly on the TD games mentioned above) but then on the 7th, he racked up his only loosing day but kept it from going too deep with a late night PLO rally session.  Then, on the 9th, it was back to bashing on German pro Sanlket for over $200,000.  When the wins and losses were totaled up, the damage was $1,169,574 done at the expense of poker’s highest stakes and highest talent pros.  Blom is back…at least this week!

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