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The poker-lover Vegas shooter remains a puzzle for Las Vegas Police

The poker lover Vegas shooter remains a puzzle for Las Vegas Police

Stephen Paddock, 64-year-old, was a multimillionaire real-estate investor who had a penchant for guns and high-stakes video poker. His father was a notorious fugitive bank robber. Stephan lived in a Nevada retirement community and seemed to live a comfortable life with his live-in girlfriend. He had two ex-wives and was a one-time accountant. Police says that Stephen has killed approx 59 concert-goers on Sunday and injured more than 500 people.

Stephen Paddock –the Las Vegas shooter – is the current puzzle for Las Vegas Police who is trying hard to find out what drove Stephan to Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino and open fire from his 32nd floor suite on a country music festival. The Sunday open fire resulted in killing 59 people killing more than 530 people. Everyone including the law enforcement, Las Vegas Police and Stephan’s family member is wondering about what would motivate a man with no previous criminal record to trigger such mass destruction. What seems to be more challenging for the police is to find out any classic indicator which could point out towards the reason why he did so.

As per Las Vegas police, Stephan had 23 guns, including semiautomatic rifles at the hotel and 19 guns along with thousands of rounds of ammunition at his home. Moreover, Stephan killed himself in the hotel room before authorities arrived. At first place, Stephen didn’t seem to be a murderer. He was much older than a typical shooter and also didn’t have any mental illness.

Above all, what is driving the police crazier is that he didn’t have any escape plan too. He knew what he was going to do and how was going to carry it. When questioned about a potential motive, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said that he could not find out any such thing at this point.