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Poker Pro Aaron Mermelstein gets robbed at airport but police denies giving CCTV footage

Poker Pro Aaron Mermelstein gets robbed at airport but police denies giving CCTV footage

Aaron Mermelstein got robbed at airport and lost $9000 after police found his missing bag. Mermelstein is a two-time World Poker Tour Champion with more than $3.2 million in career tournament earnings and he is currently indulged in a legal tussle with the Broward County Sherrif's Office over allegations that his money has been stolen from his back pack. He had lost his bag at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport last year. "I was headed to ACR Cage event in Costa Rica," Mermelstein said. "I was at Fort Lauderdale Airport as I had just arrived from Philadelphia. I was a bit busy doing a few important things and attending a phone call. I got on board and that was when I realized that I have lost my bag."

"I could not anything as I had already boarded the flight but I tried to remain optimistic," he added. "I made a call to the officials and it took them to three days to locate the bag. There was the Canadian money, poker chips and everything else but it did not have any cash inside."

"Initially, I was working with a criminologist who was more worried about refuting me than demonstrating me right. He didn't appear to be worried about the reconnaissance video, it was progressively imperative to him to take a gander at my story. I needed to clarify that I was a poker player and that it was typical for me to convey a lot of money."

Determined, Mermelstein pushed on, and in the long run discovered that his sack had been sitting for 16 hours at a cellphone charging station before it was found by Deputy Michael Spencer. Months after the fact, he discovered that Spencer neglected to pursue convention with the unattended pack, and held up before announcing it. CCTV footage indicates Spencer peering inside the sack, before shutting it and bringing it into an open bathroom. He returned around ten minutes after the fact, at exactly that point turning on his body camera and bringing over more cops to report finding the knapsack. Spencer, as indicated by the case supplemental report, asserted that he never observed any of the $9,000. The cash was likewise as far as anyone knows not there when the BCAD's Terrence Williams peered inside to do stock. Mermelstein is now hoping to continue the fight for getting the footage.