Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker closes on $5 million in 2013

Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker closes on $5 million in 2013, Gus Hansen back in his old spot at the top of the Biggest Losers list, “Isildur1” drives the action but ends down.

This week wrapped up on Thanksgiving Eve so let’s take a look at what this week’s Elite Eight grouping might be most thankful for.  Topping that list for this year would probably be:

  • Whoever backed “Isildur1” a few months ago to kick off this year’s biggest spike in high stakes online poker.
  • The Return of FullTilt Poker’s high stakes tables.
  • Gus Hansen’s apparent never-ending bankroll.

Not to say there aren’t other things to be thankful for – like elastic waistbands, free refills or lunch buffets at strip clubs – but I think these three things pretty much have made High Stakes Online Poker what it has become again this year. 

That’s my time for this week’s editorial, I hear turkey and wild boar leftovers calling me, so here’s this week’s action by the numbers:

Elite Eight:

1 – Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker – last week we reported that Heinecker had eclipsed $4.35 million in earnings on FTP this year.  This week, he’s nearly surpassed $5 million and likely will if things continue on pace.  In 19 sessions and 2163 hands, “ragen70” banked $550,043 on FTP.  Viktor Blom has helped with this ascension, but it has become more of a dogfight lately, with Heinecker seeming to pick his spots and timing his sessions to maximize value.

2 – “Crazy Elior” – A long way from #1 on the list, but running well for a PS focused high stakes Grinder, “Crazy Elior” pulled out of a 12 month downward trend to spike at a $62k lifetime profit after bringing in $172,708 over a marathon 9210 hands in 38 sessions.  Welcome back to the black, “Elior”.  Let’s hope you stay there.

3 – “bajskorven” – This player has spent the year of 2013 on a roller coaster with huge peaks and troughs, but this latest week put them $13,946 back in the back.  This was coming off the deepest low of their career, so the 8 sessions  and 644 hands played that netted them a $128,612 score came as something to really be thankful for. 

4 – Rui “PeperoniF” Cao* – Rui makes it onto both lists (well almost) as his clashes on the high stakes tables of PokerStars netted him a fantastic win ($106,184 from 20 sessions in 8559 hands) and his rumbles on the FTP tables put him into 4th on the biggest looser list for -$210,735 (24 sessions, 3337 hands).  Since we track by single screen name, Rui gets to sit in both camps, but it is with an * since his known weekly earnings across two sites is -$104,551.

5 – “Tim0thee” – PokerStars has a lot of action this week, and one of its biggest winners is a newbie to this list and almost back in the black lifetime.  “Tim” laid down 30 sessions and 2794 hands to net $96,293.  A great jump to get this grinder back in the running to be a regular player in the Elite Eight…or a way to hold money for the sharks.

6 – “n0d1ceb4by” – This PS grinder has spent nearly two years diving above and below the “zero line” in lifetime earnings.  This latest score, $77,490 taken in 5 sessions and 196 hands (nice grab!), leaves “n0d1ceb4by” just south of -$32k in lifetime earnings.

7 – Ike “IluvtheWNBA” Haxton – Ike put in short work this week, but it paid well.  6 sessions and 744 hands worked out to $75,963 in profit.  Surprisingly, on FTP, this really just puts Ike in the black for 2013 according to tracked hands.  One of the biggest names in high stakes poker, we expect that this (and the renewed life of “Isildur1” in his game wheelhouse) is the start of big things. 

8 – Daniel “jungleman12” Cates – “jungleman12” was on the offensive this week after a long absence from the top of the online lists.  Like Haxton and “bajskorven” he did not put in a lot of work this week – only 10 sessions – but it took 3214 hands in those sessions to earn $71,830.  Unlike the other two though, this is a drop in the bucket in Cates’ $7.6 million lifetime earnings.

Honorable Mentions – For staying near the top – Douglas “WCGRider” Polk – 6 sessions, 1811 hands, $63,358. 

Biggest Losers:

1 – Gus Hansen – The more things change, the more things stay the same.  After a couple peeks at the positive and some big winning session, this week saw the Greaet Dane give it all back…and a lot more…across 53 sessions and 5648 hands.  The final total; $1,199,236.  At least he can still be thankful for his health.

2 – Viktor “Isildur1” Blom – even with a few winnings days, Blom could not clear a winning week this time.  He put in the work, 68 sessions and 7680 hands, but could not get the results.  In the end though, he was $322,670 down, a loss of less than 1/3 of Hansen, but also a loss bigger than anyone but “ragen70” won this week.  Viktor Blom:  He fuels the games.

3 – Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius – The Fantastic Finn did not have a good week this week, but unlike our top two, he cut his losses a bit quicker.  Over 17 sessions and 2511 hands, Antonius was down $244,561.  Still more of a loss than anyone but the #1 spot on the Elite Eight won, but still, nearly a quarter million down.

Matt Waldron

Matt Waldron is an international journalist, writer, home brewer, poker player, and (when he’s not busy with all that) a professional in the product and brand development world.  “Waldo” has covered the WPT, WSOP, EPT/NAPT and online poker since 2006 in some form or another and well – he hasn’t gotten tired of it yet. 

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