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Moneymaker Tour to kick off next month; Platinum Pass giveaway

Moneymaker Tour to kick off next month Platinum Pass giveaway

2020 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold 'em Championship is scheduled next month. The event has a 2020 Platinum Passes giveaway for a buy-in of €22,500. The pass is a ticket to Barcelona event next August along with money for travel, accommodations, and spending, with the face value for more than $30, 000. The one who wins the pass will get the opportunity to turn their entry into millions like Ramon Colillas did when he won the 2019 PSPC for $5.1 million. 


Platinum Pass Giveaway Underway

As PokerStars hinted that the Moneymaker tour would be returning soon in the lead-up to the second PSPC, on Friday they mentioned more details. There are eight stops listed till now; also the Tour is promised to span the globe, which starts from Russia to Reno to the U.K. to Dublin, with both coasts of the U.S. with stops in California and Florida. 


The PSPC tour will kick off next month at the most popular Sochi Casino in Russia. According to the announcement, the tournament will start from Oct 11-13 with a buy-in of RUB10,500 (~$166). From there it will heads to Reno for Somerville's. semi-annual Run It Up Reno festival, then to another stops in the U.K.

"The Moneymaker Road to PSPC allows players to win big and have a great time without traveling too far from home" stated Moneymaker. "There are not enough words to explain how much fun was had on last year's Tour, and I can't wait to get back out there. Playing poker and hanging out with people who love the game is memorable enough, then add in the Platinum Pass and opportunity to change someone's life potentially… it's going to be awesome"


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