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Alex Hendriks bags €27,000 in the inaugural MPN Poker Tour Bratislava Main Event

Alex Hendriks bags 27 000 in the inaugural MPN Poker Tour Bratislava Main Event

Alex Hendriks has won the inaugural MPN Poker Tour Bratislava Main event.

MPN Poker Tour completed its first visit to Bratislava after an action that went on for four days which also witnessed deep-stacked poker, turbo jackpot, sit-and-go action with the parallel running Cash Game Festival and side events to suit all palates.

The event was organized at Banco Casino.

When the two tables returned for day 3, consolidated chips of 329 players were in hands of only 13 players.

Finally, Dutch player Alex Hendriks won the €550 Main Event and claimed a colossal chunk of the €159,565 total prize pool after winning over his rivals where he was supported by the Dutch crowd.

The final table line-up witnessed competitors of eight nationalities and professions who came together to participate in the event. Daniel Camus, a pro-football player finished third while as Jussi Mattila, from the field of construction finished up as runner-up.

Poker pro Andy Hills finished ninth after picking €3,065. Colin Guthrie finished eighth place for €4,000.

Johannes Park followed the trail and hit the rail next. However, professional tennis coach Park has been on a live poker heater recently and has won two local tournaments back in Denmark for €16,000 in the last week.

20 year old, Dominik Desset, who was also the youngest player on the final ran out of luck and finished fourth, netting him €13,200.